Monday, 11 March 2013

Two worlds

hi hope everyone is well , i was talking to a spiritual friend of mine and we were talking about the readings i do i was saying the most frustrating thing i find when doing readings is what my clients perceive about a medium and how they work. You would be surprised how many times i have done a reading and i have said i have the name joe bloggs ( example lol) and they will go no i don't know a joe bloggs and i am thinking yes you do  because I'm hearing it then 10 minutes later they go oh could that be my brother his name is joe bloggs well yes derrr the trouble is when people come to me for a reading they have an idea that of course the reading will be all about them and that i myself am able to talk to spirit as if they are sitting next me its all a miss concept of what readings are about  when i have a client i try and explain to them that the energy that spirit need to use just to be able to get a message to me for them is vast even though i am lucky enough to sometimes  see spirit does not mean that i can hear them as clear as day for example i might say to one of my clients i can see your loved one standing next to you by that i mean i can see them standing there but i cannot hear them as if they were standing there there is always  a vast void between me and spirit they is my world and spirit world 2 worlds that sometimes meet but even though spirit will appear they are still in spirit world appearing in our world so communication can be very hard it takes a lot of energy for spirit to communicate or appear from spirit world . So when i am talking to spirit i do not have or hear a full conversation that would be impossible neither side has that much energy to achieve that messages come in all guises i may be shown pictures i may be took to places i may pick up on a smell and i also hear words for example spirit my say to me jean and i will saying i am being told rose they do not say my name is  jean her name is jean she knows jean i will just have been told jean it takes so much energy for spirit to say one word let alone a sentence , i do understand that its hard for people to understand and they think i can talk to spirit as if i was talking to them and i wish it was that easy spirit will try and help as much as they can to communicate there message whether it will be with pictures words places or gestures i always ask them to give me good validation and i am lucky that they are kind enough to do that but after many years of doing readings i have found that nine times out of ten  all they want to say is we are ok we are happy and we love you  and i also think nine times out of ten that's all we want to hear so remember if you go to a medium she is just a receiver for a message trying to get to you she and spirit have to work very hard to get that message to you they have to both work between two worlds ............ god bless