Thursday, 31 October 2013


Someone close to me was telling me today that since he has left the house which was his home for over 25 years things have been on the up , he is the biggest sceptic i know but never dismisses my beliefs i have been to this house many times and always sensed the bad energy in it now when i say the bad energy i don't mean spirit even though he did have spirit in there they were not bad i mean the house it was drenched in bad negative energy so when he told me things were on the up since moving i was not surprised , he said to me you always said the house had bad energy yet i had brought my children up there and considered it to be a happy home it was i said but the house itself was a sucker house  how so he asked , well before you moved into that home it was a GP surgery and had been for many many years then converted back to a home when you moved in therefore it built up a lot of negative energy every person who went to that doctors more than likely went in there with negative thoughts apart from the odd few everybody who sat there and waited seen the Doctor was probably not in the best of places think of a doctor and how much he saw felt and absorbed through all them years the building did the same it sucked in all the negativity the essence was there plus all the residual energy now if you think about that and know about that you can do things to change it but if you don't then eventually all that negativity will start to affect you and your domain and negativity thrives on negativity its like when we go out with a bunch of people we may be all positive and happy and fun but if the group of people we are with are down in the dumps everything they say has a negative aspect to it if we stay there long enough we soon become the same they have sucked away all our positive energy and we leave feeling miserable and down then something happens to make us feel worse and so on and so on like a snowball effect the same with buildings if we don't acknowledge the negativity that has been left there in the end it will suck all the positive energy from us and that's when things go wrong the sucker syndrome . So i am glad he has left and i am glad he mentioned it to me and i am glad i could say what i could say and he listened so maybe deep down he may not be such the sceptic he claims he is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,godbless

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hello  everyone sorry i have not  posted on here for a while but as sometimes happens life has overtook me and kept me busy plus i took a little break in the sunshine to rest and reboot . I have not been working much the last month or so i find sometimes i have to give my spiritual life a little break so i can return to my normal life of mom grand mom and wife and sometimes they have to come first ,but this week i have to return to doing my readings as i have clients who bless them have been waiting and i don't like to let them down for long , even though i have not been active in my spiritual work that does not mean that i don't have visits from the spirit world and this week was no exception like i said i have been busy with one thing and another plus had a flu so not really been up to working but during the last few weeks i had a gentleman come to me at the most unexpected moment he told me one of my friends was struggling and i needed to see her i thought about this for a few minutes and decided that if this gentleman had made the effort to come to see me it must be important so i came back to my computer and decided to message her as i was looking for her contact details she messaged me and said would it be ok if she came to see me the next day i knew then my in stints were right and whether she knew it or not spirit world had gave her a little push into contacting me they never cease to surprise me that when they need to say something they will make sure it happens , anyway the next day as planned my friend came down to see me as she walked in the gentleman came in with her but made it known to me that i was not to mention he was there but to let her confide in me and bring it up i asked her if she was ok and told her the message i had the night before and asked her if she was indeed struggling but did not mention that she had the man with her she said she wasn't struggling and couldn't think of anything that was wrong the man stood there shaking his head and i had the feeling that like me he didn't believe her i know my friend she is a good soul with a  huge heart but she carries a hard shell and wont let you in she always wants you to believe that she is fine and strong all of the time , we had our tea and chats we laughed and did all the usual things we do when we have a catch up after a few hours she got up to leave as she was heading for the door the man said to me don't let her go so again i asked her are you sure you are not struggling with anything she stopped and asked me who i had with me i looked at the gentleman and he nodded so i told her i had a man with me after chatting with her for a bit and getting validation to who this man was it became clear why spirit had wanted me to see her she had lost someone very close to her and being the person she is she was using her own coping mechanism to cope with this loss she is a strong lady who feels she has to be strong for everyone else she has a hard shell with a very soft centre and needs to portray to everyone that she is ok rather than worry anyone to cope with her loss the only way she could deal with it was simply trying to not think about him to try and shut him away my own theory to this was that if she didn't think about him she could still somehow try and believe he had not gone but the power of spirit is strong and the gentleman could feel her suffering thus bringing him closer to her he knew she was shutting him out he also knew the reason why so even though he wanted to help her he didn't want to get so close that she could feel him or give her any signs he knew she had to come to terms with him going to let him go spirit world is a special place and he was happy that he was there and he wanted her to know that he was happy hence me being brought in, she told me she was unable to feel him or sense him i try to explain the reasons for this and told her what he was saying i am in no doubt that when she finally excepts his passing and can think of him freely and remember him with smiles and not tears he in turn will let her know he is around just because we cant see them doesn't mean they are not there and he will do what he had tried to do for her here on earth and that is protect her and when he knows she has finally let him go that is when he will feel safe to return and i know one day soon i hope she will tell me this ................ godbless
Evening everyone you should try and have a read of sally morgans article in The Sun newspaper  today i agree with all that she says about every subject but two in particular that we all have physic ability and mediums ethics sally has been through the mill herself and has suffered setbacks and judgements against her abilty and i admit i myself doubted her at one time untill i looked at the bigger picture i have been lucky enough to have been picked out for a message at one of sallys events all i can say is the truth the reading and message she gave to me was 100 per cent spot on and seeing her afterwards all i can say was that to me she appears to be a genuine lovely person and it is good to see her making her way back from a huge knock xx