Thursday, 27 June 2013


ok every one i am going to give you some advice when or if you see a medium or have a reading done remember to stay open and remember nothing has to make any sense to the reader only to you hopefully you will know i have been a natural medium for over 30 years i always say to everyone i see have no expectations because its simple what i may give you you may not expect what do i mean by that well ok let me explain and give you some examples i have been doing readings a long time and this week was no exception i had 2 ladies come together yesterday but had there readings done separately so the first lady came in and i explained as i always do what i did as soon as this lady entered she had a spirit man come into the room with her i told her who had came i said he is a man in his fifties and his name is david can you take him i asked she looked at me blank and said no ok i thought this happens sometimes but the male spirit said he knew her so again i asked her and she again said no so i can hear and see spirit is getting frustrated as am i but as a women spirit had also entered the room i decided to move on to her the lady spirit could only manage rose and was pointing to a pink rose i have outside my window i relayed back to my client the lady is saying rose does this mean anything to you again she said no byi asked again to the spirit lady can you give me some more validation but again all she could manage was rose/ rosie i asked my client again does this mean anything again she said no i am now thinking to myself oh my god i know what spirit are saying i know they are for you but nothing is coming back and i am loosing the connection anyway to cut a long story short i carried on with the reading and the spirit lady gave me more validation which my client could take but the spirit man remained in the  room the whole time when i finished the lady went out and her friend came in the male spirit was still there so i asked this lady can you take a david in his fifties straight away she said yes so i thought ok he must have been for this lady we had a very good reading and lots of validation from david and other spirit who had also come to see this lady as her reading ended she went out to her friend and said to the first lady i had seen guess who came through david i cant believe it the first lady went wow so i said to the first lady did you know
david as well she went yes he was a friend i said why didn't you say that when i asked you when you were in with me her reply was i never thought of him i thought it would only be family that come through i then said have you thought any more about rose oh yes she said that's my moms name and as i was talking to her spirit nanna roses mom i said well why didn't you take it and she said well my mom was not here so i thought it couldn't be for me i despair sometimes spirit work in very different ways and who you might expect to come through may not always be the case it may be that you have a message from spirit who you knew years ago or who you may not have been that close to you you might get a spirit who wants you to pass a message on to someone else for them spirit don't come in and give you there full name address and phone number then tell you who they want they might only give me one word like rose its you the client who has to make sense of that word not me to spirit that is validation when you accept that they are there then there energy may get stronger and help them to give more so when having a reading remember stay open stay focused and always look for the unexpected not the expected just because you want that special person to come through it may not always be the case you might get someone else you least expected xx godbless