Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Remember everybody at midnight on Halloween its said that this when the spirit world and earth bound world become one and its easier for our loved ones to visit so here's hoping where ever you are that tomorrow night you let your mind and heart become open and listen and watch for your loved ones to come through remember to use your protection and check on the piece i wrote about protection i hope you all have a happy Halloween tomorrow i will remember a very special lady who left my life six years ago tomorrow so it was only fitting that a special lady left on a special day . i myself will be doing something special tomorrow  Halloween is a big holiday in the spiritual circle and world so enjoy and god bless

Friday, 26 October 2012

Oh it's good to be back

Well today i have gone back to doing my readings after taking some time off and boy have i missed it ,when I'm not working my mood takes a different direction i become down and feel like something is missing its not till i return to doing my readings that i realise what that is i am just not at one with myself unless i am working with spirit and this afternoon/ evening has brought that home to me i have had some fab spirit with me who in turn has helped me do some fab readings they never stop surprising me how good they are with the validation they give i always as for there name and they always come through this lovely lady i had with me today gave me her name her age and how she died which was fab for me and her loved one i love to see the joy on loved ones faces when they know i am indeed talking to there loved ones yes there are tears but usually tears of joy that at last they have contact and know they are safe it brings me so much pleasure it truly is a joy yes its good to be back and feel as one again .........god bless

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Take back control

Well had a busy couple of weeks with new baby and its been lovely but tomorrow i will be back working with spirit i have took most of October off knowing i would be busy with all the things that are happening in this month but i am looking forward to up coming events . while i have been resting and doing other things i have not shut down completely and have noticed unrest around me and have been warned from spirit world about negativity energy around me as i have said many times before if we believe in good we must also be open to believing in bad and i myself have had personal experience of this hence my beliefs i feel to be able to believe in things we have to be open to all elements and broaden our mind to the illogical , so for the last few nights i have been speaking to my guides and spirit and stenghthen my protection i myself pick up on neg energy straight away and can almost sense it around me so i become aware of what i need to do .Like i have said before neg energy can affect us in many different ways while we sense it and our mood changes with it we have to learn how to detect it and not to let it draw us into a vicious circle as soon as we let negativity into our lives it soon takes control and starts to effect our day to day living when one thing goes wrong before long everything goes wrong we become down and the world starts to look a darker place i know its very very hard when we all have times in our life when things seem to be on a downward spiral and we have to cope with all things that affect us be it grief loosing a job having no money getting into trouble with one thing or another our negative attitude starts to effect almost everything we do and at times it can be very hard to take back control and turn it around i know there have been times in my life where i have been in some very dark place and found it almost impossible to turn it around this is time we must ask for help be it from our angels our guides or our gods we must ask for help .I always find and the lowest points in our lives spirit will be there willing us on and trying to lift us back on our feet they will always be around us trying to help its just having faith in believing they are there so hopefully we can again get back on our feet fill our mind and thoughts with positive feelings and take back control i know this can be very hard to do so I'm asking anybody who may be reading this who might for one reason or another be feeling like things are just getting worse with no outlook on getting better just to take one moment of there time and place one thought in there mind of one thing that made them smile in there life one simple thought one positive thought no matter how small as long as its positive this is when we can start the process of taking back control where we can consciously be able to turn the negative into the positive where we can let light back into our minds and lives this is where we can change the path and take back control for as long as we are here we must always remember we can be in control of how we work it just takes practise and from one little thing big thing can grow ............ god bless

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

rest and reboot

Well i have really enjoyed the last few days and have really been blessed but i must admit that over the last few weeks i have not worked with spirit there have been many reasons for this one of them is that i have been busy helping my family and the other reason is that i needed to rest and reboot i do get upset by others op ions and when they attack things they don't know i find it hard when certain people do what i do and work with spirit yet think that they are above the rest of us and feel the need to critic others because they think it will be gainful for them the spirit world is big enough for us all and welcomes everyone ,well rant over and i am happy to say that i will be back communicating with spirit and passing there messages on next week . As a medium i do find as i have said before i get asked so funny things and i sometimes look around and ask for guidance to be patient and kind as some things i get asked can be beyond belief i am asked can i curse or throw curses well the answer is no i do not and would never as i believe in karma i always feel i never have to do anything but just get on with my own life as anybody who does anything to me or others will have to deal with there own karma and its not up to me to retaliate in any way another question is can i do magic spells again no i never trained as a magician and am never likely to its quite simple i am a medium i communicate with spirit and that's it  well i am going to have another few days of resting and rebooting and enjoying my family i hope anyone who pops in and reads this has a happy and restful few days and hopefully next week i will be able to share with you some more of my spiritual journeys     god bless .

Monday, 15 October 2012

angel blessing

Hi everyone im off for a few dyas while i celebrate the birth of my 3rd grandchild a lovely angel blessing   god bless

Saturday, 13 October 2012

walking among us

A lot of people think because i am a medium and i can communicate with the spirit world i automatically and  know instantly when spirit is among us well sorry to have to say this but I'm not always aware and i find that intriguing many a time i have been sitting on a bench or by a bus stop and not noticed straight away that i am in the company of spirit some people not everyone seem to have an idea or perception that spirit will come as a shimmery shape or float or see through or will be dressed from the 18th century and sometimes this is true but i also know that spirit can appear as alive as me or you . I remember a lady who  i respected as a medium told me of the saying walking among the dead she had a total different outlook on this saying and said to me do you know how often we all walk among the dead she said they say that whenever we are in a crowded place a shopping centre a theme park an event where there are hundreds of people that a percentage of those people will be spirit walking among us and we don't even know now without us touching each and every person we see in a big crowd how would we ever know i know that there have been times when i have been in the company of spirit and not known they were spirit times when i have been rushing or had my mind on other things i have been known to chat at a bus stop for 5 minutes to someone before realising they are spirit so the way i see it is its food for thought and i know every time i am in a crowd i always have a look round and wander and anyhow i hope her saying is true because i know one thing when i am gone i would love nothing more than coming back and walking among you and perhaps doing a little window shopping ...........  god bless

Friday, 12 October 2012

Intuition do we know?

The one gift we all have and yet almost all of us ignore is our intuition  whether or not we are spiritual we all have this built in hidden gift that comes from our soul learning to listen it is something we all have to do . How many times have we been in a situation and thought to ourselves i wish i had listened to myself because i knew, how many times have we known someone is wrong and we have felt it in the pit of our stomachs said nothing then it proved to be right . Our hidden gift our intuition can be a very good thing to have if we learn how to recognise it is the one gift we are all born with no one can explain why that even though all of us have the same heart brain liver etc yet each one of us are individual its the same that they cant explain why we have a inner voice trying to warn us and let us know things our intuition . i believe and i stress this is just  what i believe because hey that's me is that we all have this little bit of built in protection inside of us its what we start off with what we begin with our own little bit of unexplained spirituality but as we grow and overtime we stat to lose it we ignore it when we hear it in fear of  being wrong or looking a fool so we switch it of ignore it then kick ourselves when we knew we were right the secret is to stop fearing it and to start learning to use it again so just in case you want to and as a little experiment say why don't we all start to try and listen to our little voice, the next time we are in a situation and we start to get the symptoms of our intuition(these can be many things i feeling in the pit of a stomach a voice telling us we are right an overwhelming feeling of it being wrong) sit down take a few deep breaths and listen to what we are being told and try and follow our gut feeling once we are in tune with what we are hearing we can save ourselves sometimes a lot of heartache a lot of pain and a lot of i wish i had listened to my first instinct our intuition is a gift a gift we can all learn to use   god bless

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

my journey

Well not been here for a while and that's because i have had a strange couple of weeks sometimes you see things from all different ways and in all different lights you see people having bad times and then you wonder why i do believe that we are only sent what we can handle but sometimes people have an awful lot  to handle  , then you look at our world and see how many things happen in it and how cruel some people can be and you just don't understand it ,  so this week i have took some time out to do some meditations and talk to my guides and asked them to guide me in my journey once more . With the debate raging on about spiritual sites doing readings for free and if they are then they must be fake or at least Charlton's made me question my faith in the human race is it really so hard to believe that some people just like to help and comfort others if they can and are there really people out there who worry that by having these spiritual sites they will infringe on there business . I can only speak for myself as i always do yes i work private yes i work on a spiritual site for nothing no i have never trained do be a medium yes i have had my gift since i was a child and  no i don't doubt it i use it for only one reason that's to bring message from spirit to others here on earth i don't make a living from it nor do i ever want to i am who i am nothing more or nothing less its a shame that people cannot except things for what they are but i know in my heart that there is good people out there there are earth angels that work for the good all the time  and i also so know as my journey continues it will always be  ever changing forever interesting and sometimes a challenge   god bless

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

And the debate goes on

Well the debate is continuing from yesterday let me fill you in a respected and semi well known medium from here in the uk decided to place a warning on there facebook page yesterday about spiritual groups on facebook that give free readings and which basically said in not some many words they are all fake i took offence to this comment as i do work privately i also do work on a spiritual site and give readings to which i dont charge for she made a comment that these sites encouraged just anyone to have  a go as she put it well i know just as there are good and bad mediums there will be good and bad sites but please do not tar all the sites with the same brush i myself ( and i must stress this is my own opinion i see working on m the spiritual site as a way of me being able to give something back and use my gift as it was meant to be a gift what harm is any medium doing by offering there services for free answer me this is paying for a reading the only way to get a genuine reading  it  on the other hand are all free readings  fake, as i have said before i have been able to communicate with spirit from a young child no i dont have a diploma in medium ship i have not been formally trained and i have not joined any organisation who grant me the title of medium i am who i am i communicate with spirit i pass messages from spirit world to our world nothing more nothing less i let all my clients know my background weather paying or if i am doing it for free am i exploiting anyone no  i am not and yes i do take offence just because i do not charge for every reading  does not mean i am fake this medium went on to describe in detail how this lady had put a certain photo up then described the photo and had people tried to read her and she said no to all then she went on about privacy and splashing it all over facebook yet she had just described the pic yes this poor lady had put up and guess what said it all over her facebook page to prove a point double standards there i think the way i see and feel it is spirit world and our world are big enough to carry a lot of gifted people how they choose to give there services is up to them weather they charge or do it free or  a bit of both like me there is no need to start slandering one site from another people who join these sites should be all adults let them make up there own minds . My own personal advice i would give if anyone is thinking of joining one of this spiritual sites is  1. try to go from a recommendation 2. try to go for a closed or secret group 3 see if there is a waiting list 4.once on there sit and watch before posting anything any concerns report to the group admin any documents they have available all the mediums on there should have posted a document telling you about there background 6;if a trainee does the reading and you are not happy for them to do this dont be afraid to say .  I hope this helps   god bless

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Is it right to tell ? ?

I have probably already spoken about this before but as this subject has come up twice in two days i feel i  its my cue to talk about it again and that is as a medium if i am told bad news do i tell the client well i can only talk about my experiences and what i do  those circumstances and what i feel is right ,when i pass messages on from the spirit world i always feel that i have to use my own code of ethics and when i first started i always said i would never pass on bad news now what i mean by that is that if i was told by spirit that something bad was going to happen to my client and nothing was going to stop it or nothing that i could do would prevent it happening then  i would say nothing, a question was put to me yesterday and that was if i was told by spirit that my client had a terminal illness would i tell them my answer yesterday was no i would not it is not my place as a medium or as a human being to tell somebody that information i just don't find that ethical , then today i was having a conversation with someone close to me who told me that a medium had seen someone very close to them 2 years ago and she told her that she would die before t Christmas that year  i could not believe what i was hearing how could someone in our profession be so cruel to tell someone that i have worked with spirit a long time and hand on heart i can say that they have never told me anything like that yes i have had warnings and i have known something not good was going to happen i have also known there was nothing in my power that i would have been able to do to stop the event and it was for me to know alone what that so called medium did to that person was scare her and leave her with negative thoughts is that being kind i think not . Like i have said many times i am not a fortune teller most spirits were not fortune tellers when they were on this earth and so therefore will not be fortune tellers in spirit i truly believe the future is not ours to know . i have been lucky that spirit have never gave me that sort of information i say lucky but what i believe is spirit would not give me that information . i always see message from spirit as a positive experience and not a negative they want to bring us good messages . as for the lady who may i add i was very close to as well no she never died before that Christmas she died the following October a week after being told she had terminal cancer i was only told about that visit from that medium today and it breaks my heart to think that she lived in that fear that she was going to die im sorry but i will say this its mediums like that that gives our profession a bad name and that saddens me    god bless

Monday, 1 October 2012

How do we know ?

  • Ok  so a subject came up today and entered my life on mediums who to trust and spiritual sites well i can only  talk from experience as far as mediums are concerned well i have always said as far as mediums are concerned always go with someone you feel happy with if for any reason when you first meet your medium or go and see them and straight away you feel you would not be comfortable don't be afraid i say anything if you don't your connection just wont work and if she or he are saying things that you just don't relate to don't be afraid  to say a good medium would prefer you to . As for the spiritual sites i myself do work for one and i know there are a lot of sites out there that don't veto there mediums that encourage anyone and everyone to have  ago and prey on the vulnerable but there are also a lot of good sites that veto there mediums and have only one wish to help people, they are also there to help anyone who is progressing or training and as long as they make this known  so what do you look for in a good site well this is only my op ion but i would say  1.go for a closed group   2.see if it has a waiting list this is usually a good sign 3.try and get a personal recommendation . When you have found your group look at the documents and see if the mediums have introduced there selves and said what they are about if not do not be afraid to ask and as with a group or a private one to one reading always get good validation  i hope this helps a little god bless