Friday, 31 August 2012

positivity negativity whats the effect?

How does positivity and negativity affect us in our day to day life,does negative energy really exist to affect us in what we do and think i have been asking myself these questions most of my life and for me the answer is yes .I  believe and i stress its what i believe negativity energy will always be around to pull us down at every opportunity so what can we do?. I  have tried to learn to look for a positive in every negative situation not easy sometimes i grant you but if you cant see the positive straight away i promise in time and if you look hard enough you will see one ,when my lovely mother passed away from bowel cancer at an early age i struggled for a long time to see a positive in that it took my strength and my faith for a bit and left me in a dark place but i had to find something positive to build on after grieving for some while i wanted not only for me( but for her and what she went through ) to find a positive and not let all the negative thoughts that her passing brought affect me as i knew she was now happy and with our loved ones then it came to me my moms cancer was a hereditary cancer up to now i have lost 5 people to the same cancer all my moms siblings but when my mom was diagnosed we as a family all had to be screened for the gene and was also offered a screening test to detect the same cancer now i have the screening every 3 years and hopefully if i do go on to develop that type of cancer it will picked up early and have a better chance of fighting it (bowel cancer is often known as the silent killer as symptoms don't show until it is advanced )but not only that my children will be offered the screening and the chance to detect it early sadly  my mom never had this chance but has left her legacy fro me and her grandchildren and great grandchildren this was the positive i held onto to get me through .I know in life sometimes looking for that positive can be hard and sometimes as i watch the t.v and see all the awful things going on in this world of ours i admit its hard to see any positive in what i see and of course i want it to change but i know i will not be able to change the world but maybe i can make my world easier for those who are in it and around me and if i can try and keep negative energy out of my life and try and help those i love do the same then hopefully in time it will pass to others and then negativity will get weaker and weaker so as i go about my everyday life and i come across negativity and someone will say something nasty or do something nasty i try not to act the same as them  but to say something positive in response and not let there negative attitude in fringe on me    love and light

Protection cleansing grounding

While i was out tonight doing my readings i had to explain to a lovely lady about protection so i thought i would share all with you .Protection is a must whenever you are working with spirit as i have mentioned before we need to protect ourselves from bad energies there are many ways you can protect yourself my favourite is to put myself my family my home in a bubble i fill my bubble with light bright white light then outside my bubble i put a silver reflective wall around me to reflect anything trying to enter after doing this for a period of time you will be able to either put yourself in your bubble whenever the need or keep up your protection all the time .meditation is another could way of adding protection and you tube do a lot of protection meditation  videos so look through and try a few and see what you feel comfortable with using white candles is good for clearing and also a sage smudge/stick for cleansing rooms incense sticks can also be used for this i find that if im upset or feeling negative the best thing i can do is ground myself you can do this through a grounding meditation {again loads on you tube}or sometimes i simply take of my shoes and walk outside on the earth and feel the ground beneath me sometimes we all need a little grounding and this is a simple way to do it so even if your feeling out of sorts kick your shoes off and go for a walk  love and light

Thursday, 30 August 2012


off for a night of readings hope they will be kind to me tonight i will let you know love and light



Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Coming to terms and when faith can be shaken

9 years ago i once again felt the bottom drop out of my world my dear mother who i spoke to everyday was told she had bowel cancer and that it was terminal i myself struggled to come to terms with this and when she was told they told me she would only survive for six months .as soon as  i heard about my mom i stopped all spiritual work i needed to be there for her and i wanted to make sure she had my full attention so i closed down all my channels my mom put up a brave fight and in the end she survived for two and a half years in that time we did talk about her passing and i remember her saying if there is a will jan then there will be a way and i will contact you and let you know im safe .My mom passed over in October 2006 i was devastated i was not there when she passed and felt guilty i had not only lost my mom but my best friend .2 days after my mom died i had a dream me and my mom always called each other first thing in the morning and last thing at night in my dream the phone rang when i answered it was my mom i could just about hear her she sounded so far away i asked her if she was ok and could tell by her voice she was not happy (my mom was very angry about dying ) so i was worried she had not passed over ok and her anger had kept her here when i woke i knew it was a spirit dream and it played om my mind a lot about 2 months after her passing i had another dream i was in my kitchen she walked through the door hugged me and said stop worrying im ok again when i woke i knew it was a spirit dream the months that followed i became more upset because she had never visited me when i was awake and i kept thinking why because she had said she would for the first time my beliefs were being shaken and i was starting to lose faith as the months turned into a year i was more and more upset i kept thinking she would come to me she promised and she hadn't , then about 18 months after she passed i had another dream this time it was my guide who said he needed to take me somewhere and show me something i went with him and he took me to a room after sitting there for a few minutes my mom came running in huge smile, excited and talking to me like she had to get everything in she was saying how nice everything was where she was how she met all of her family who had passed and some new friends how she loved it and was doing this and that, all the time i was there i was waiting for her to ask about her hubby who is still with us was or about her grandchildren or about me and my siblings but she didn't then she was gone as quick as she came when she left there was blood where she had been sitting i was confused so said to my guide i thought everyone was cured when they passed over he said to me that's just a symbol for you to understand janice even though you mom has healed from her physical life she still is not healed in her spiritual life she is still making the transition she is still learning what is happening all the time you are worrying wandering why she has not contacted you its because she has no need to yet and time means nothing here  do you understand ,and i did i understood it was me who wanted to hear from my mom it was me who needed her to still be there It was me who couldn't let go my mom was ok and she was happy. And i know one day i will hear from her and she will come but only when and if she is ready to do so and i have to be happy with that and now i am because now i have healed   FOR MAUREEN ROSE I LOVE AND MISS YOU XXXX

to feel the loss

Yesterday i heard of the loss of a kindred soul someone who was very spiritual but had turmoil in there own life often people who are spiritual also have conflict going on elsewhere and sometimes they find it a struggle in every day life im saddened today to hear of this loss and hope and pray they have found peace now may the an angels protect you may your journey complete now and may you find peace thoughts and healing to all who new you god bless xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The start of your journey (FOR WILL!!)

when i was young the start of my spiritual journey was very stressful as i didn't know how to channel all the new things that was happening to me when i was very young it was ok i didn't have to make sense of all the things i heard and felt i just accepted them when i came into my late teens and early twenties it was harder to deal with things if i told people i spoke to spirit i would get a range of reactions some understood some didn't and some thought i was just plain nutty but being able to communicate with spirit is such a tiny part i think of being spiritual , to keep harmony in your soul you will go through many battles i myself have had many things in my life where for one reason or another i have chosen the wrong path and led down the road of temptation,i have also had times where i have had to deal with things and felt so alone but when i have been at my lowest someone has always come along to give me a helping hand my earth angels they have come into my life at just the right time and helped and guided me, it took me till i was in my forties to be comfortable with being who i am and to find my spiritual path and i know that many are just starting there journey and will have all the battles themselves to face but without these battles hardships and bad times we wouldn't grow into the people we become and hopefully be able to help those who need us most so for all those just starting i say listen to those voices look for those signs and welcome your earth angels because they will help to help you face your struggles and in turn you will grow to help others and no doubt in future i will again have to face hard times in my life but i know i wont be doing it alone love and light   ,

Monday, 27 August 2012

something for everyone xx

spirit messages what i am told

when i do readings i am sometimes surprised at what i am told by spirit sometimes they can be very open to what they say about other people, i am often asked if i had bad news would i pass that on the truth is it depends what i am told i myself feel that if i was told something i or the person i was reading for could do nothing about then no i wouldn't pass it on and by that i mean i wouldn't give unnecessary bad news im not here to upset or hurt anyone and like in life you cant always trust what you hear ,i must be truthful i have had very few times i have been told anything  bad and times i have i have used my discretion . i know that as i am the one passing the messages on a lot of trust has to be built between me and the person who has come for the reading i can be told all sort of personal things by spirit and i am sure sometimes the person who is receiving the message might not be to pleased to know they are telling me everything so of course i use discretion .Again the way spirit talk to me depends  on that spirit i am known for saying its not like me and you sitting having a cup of coffee and sometimes they give me the most weird things and i think 'i cant say that' but i do and it makes perfect sense to the person i am reading for ,another thing i have noticed and learnt is that i never remember what i say in readings once i have said it its gone that's because i am a vessel to carry the message and because its not for me it does not stay in my head . love and light xx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ifs there is good there is bad

If you believe in good then you must believe in evil there is always a ying and a yang .while i work with spirit i always protect myself there are certain things i would never do as a medium these are my choices and only what i believe i myself would never call upon the dead what i mean by that is if i have someone who comes to see me and spirit does not enter with them or after talking to them does not appear or let me know they are there i wouldn't call them to me i believe spirit will come to us when they want to and not when we want them to .Evil can be a good mimic and if we call spirit then we really do not know who we might get  for the same reason i would never use a ouigi board , good spirit will never harm you our angels and our guides would never harm you but bad would and if we believe in the good then of course there has to be a bad . so i always make sure i do my protection i make sure i ask my guides to protect me and also my angels  love and light xxxxx

spirit in dreams

im always being asked do spirit visit us when we dream in my opinion and i have to say this is just mine i believe they do the best time for our loved ones to come and visit us is when we are asleep they can chat to us help with our problems and give us advice its when we can have the contact with them like when they were here with us on earth . how do we know what is a memory or a visit from spirit well the only answer i have to this is something i was told years ago by a very good medium i knew and respected if in our dreams we know our loved ones have passed and we understand they shouldn't be here then this is a visit from spirit if in our dreams we think our loved one is alive and well and as they were this is us remembering them from our memory are myself have never had a message while i have been talking to spirit whilst i was awake yet i have spoken to my close loved ones while i have been asleep i have always known in my dreams they have passed and they have talked with me and reassured me, so its food for thought and remember sweet dreams love and light xxxxx

Saturday, 25 August 2012

heartbreak and message from spirit

when i was 20 i was married and had just had a miscarriage then 2 months later i found out i was pregnant again of course i was worried and the first 3 months were terrible but i soon settled down and began to look forward to the birth of my baby doing all the normal things getting the room ready and buying all the things we needed,when i was 30 weeks i was woken one night by a voice it said im sorry you wont be holding your baby i shot up in a panic and was shaking i closed my eyes and tried to see myself holding my baby and i couldn't i started crying my husband woke up and asked what was wrong i said i will never hold my baby i wont bring him home of course my hubby was shocked and told me not to be silly and that it was just my hormones and to put it out of my mind as much as i tried i couldn't and for the next few weeks i tried often to imagine holding my baby and i couldn't  i thought i had picked up a negative spirit and for some reason they were being cruel i couldn't understand the message , 4 weeks later i was woken with a searing pain i had never been in labour before and didn't know if it was normal from what i had read labour pain came in waves this was there all the time it got worse so my hubby called n ambulance and i was took to hospital i had a very old fashioned consultant who believed in natural labour and said i was to early to deliver even though i was 34 weeks and gave me something for the pain and to stop the labour even though i had very high blood pressure he admitted me  for five days i was on complete bed rest and they found out i had high blood pressure oedema and protein in my water all classic symptoms of toxaemia but still the doctor wouldn't budge , after being there five days and on a Friday afternoon on the 29th march i was took for a scan i saw my baby moving and his heartbeat when i came back fro the scan my friend had come to visit and as we were chatting the searing pain returned  the nurse put me on a monitor and confirmed i was in labour the pain was severe and she went and got me a shot for the pain i asked how long it would be and she said i was in early labour and it would be hours .my friend left saying she would contact my hubby and i told her to tell him not to rush as it would be hours that was the last thing i remembered my hubby filled in the gaps later he said he got to the hospital about 3 hours later and found me asleep he sat by my bed for about an hour when one of the other patients came over to him and said she was worried as i had not woken for so long no one had been to check and the only sound i had made was crying out in pain every now and then at this point my hubby tried to wake me and he couldn't so he ran to get a nurse he said at this point everything went manic the nurse came in and couldn't wake me the next thing there was people from everywhere running with my bed and he was trying to keep up he said they took me to a room and broke my waters then fitted a clip to my baby's head at this point i had started to come round and was screaming in agony the next thing they were running with me again hubby said they ran to the lift and he couldn't keep up he said there was anbout 5 doctors and one got left with him so they ran down the stairs the next thing i was in the scan room and as they tried to scan me i was screaming in agony my hubby said as he sat outside all he could hear was my screams then he said it went quiet an deathly silence, The doors opened and he said that they wheeled me out slowly by now i was hooked up to drips and oxygen and a portable heart machine he followed and noticed they were heading for intensive care once there and while they were attending to me my hubby headed for the doctor who was writing in my notes and asked what was wrong without looking up he said im sorry your baby has no heart beat this never sunk in with my hubby and he headed towards me as he came in i came round he looked at me and said jan the baby has no heart beat i looked at him and said you mean my baby has died my hubby said that was when it hit him he expected them to do something the next thing hubby was pushed out and they were putting something in my drip then it all went black, hubby said once outside he went for the doctor who had told him so he was bungled outside by 2 other doctors once they calmed him they told him he had to stay calm as i was not expected to make the night the reason they had bungled him out was that they didn't want me to know about the baby the shock the felt would kill me for sure so they had sedated me as soon as he said it i had internal bleeding and a blood pressure they couldn't get down if they tried to operate to deliver the baby i wouldn't survive the op but they didn't think i would survive the birth either . My hubby sat by my side all night i delivered a still born baby boy at 1.45 am on the 30th march 1987 i survived .the doctors didn't know how they were sure the shock would have killed me . After 12 months of utter pain and grief  hubby sat talking to me one night and said to me when i told you about alan's heart stopping you wasn't shocked and that's what saved you why wasn't you shocked and i told him i was warned all them weeks before i was being prepared  i had a little time to come to terms with it at first i thought it was a cruel message but i now realised they had to tell me to save me they had to prepare me at first i was devastated and wished they had let me die with him but years on im glad they never for now i have 3 more children and lovely grandchildren all that i would have missed but i did understand why they had to pay me a visit that night with that cruel message ,           FOR MY BABY BOY ALAN WHO MOMMY STILL MISSES EVERYDAY MY ANGEL SON XXXXXXXXXXX                                                                                                                    

Friday, 24 August 2012

believe or not believe that is the question ?s

I have never forced my op ions or beliefs on any one it is up to the individual what they choose to believe in i can only share my experiences that has led me to my beliefs. I was very young when i realised i was not right for anything of a better word when i was a young child i knew things no one could explain my momn god bless her said i used to scare her i would tell her when someone was going to visit that day and it would be someone she had not seen for months and she would laugh it off but low and behold they would come when she asked how i knew would say someone told met i would say to her mom phones going to ring and then it would ring how did you know that she would say someone told me i   would say  when i was about 8 i was lying in bed scared of the dark  i had had a bad dream and it woke me up and i was scared i heard a voice saying shhhhhh your ok when i looked at the end of my bed was a lady shimmering in a white dress in that moment i was'nt scared and felt calm and she said go back to sleep im always here looking after you . as i got older i got used to the voices and seeing strange people it became part of me and my faith grew i followed my instincts but i quickley learnt not everyone felt the same and if i talked about my experiences i was often given strange looks so i soon learnt to hide it as i have got older i have learnt myself to become more open and not worry so much of others veiws and i have learnt from my experiences not to be so judgemental of others the way i live now is except me for who i am and i except you whatever you faith or whatever you beleive in it does'nt matter what i beleive or what you belive the only thing that matters is that it matters to you . love and light xx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

counting our blessings

today i am deep in thought on how we live our every day lives we all have our own problems some are minor and  some are major but i know all of us will know or hear of people who are a lot worse of than ourselves so today i feel is a day to look at and count my blessings i am blessed to have a lovely family i am blessed to have a wonderful husband i am blessed to have food in my cupboards and a roof over my head i am blessed to be able to have spirit in my life and i am blessed to know some wonderful and caring earth angels and i am thankful for all my blessings so anyone who pops in today and has a peep at this blog i ask out of the goodness of my heart today sit down and count any blessing that you have and send our love  our compassion and our healing thoughts and light to those we know and hear of who are in a a lot worse place than us  love and light xxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

am i a fortune teller ?????

A lot of people who come to me are under the impression that i can tell what is going to happen in the future i have to sit and explain to them that if thats what they have come to me for then i cannot help as the song says our future's not ours to know . spirit will sometimes give us a snapshot of things to come and this is usually a happy event i.e a birthday party a pregnancy a wedding etc why these i hear you ask well i like to believe that they get just as excited as us about these things and want to share , but are you going to meet mror miss right are you going to win the lottery are are you going to live happy ever after these things i or spirit cant tell us life is a path we have to follow and i believe we have to walk that path to learn and grow mistakes and all so the answer to the question can i tell the future the answer is no my lovelies i really can not xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How i feel spirit works

I have been asked many times how do you know when spirit and loved ones are with you i believe we all have it in us to communicate with spirit if we are open enough and learn to read the signs rather than fear them , many loved ones will be with us have you ever felt what feels like a cobweb on your cheek or a slight tickle sensation these are known as spirit kisses or cobweb kisses  sometimes they will move things so you notice just to let you no they are there if you are upset or emotional spirit will still want to be there to comfort you and will use more energy to let you know this if you listen to your senses you will be able to feel them .when people come to see me they ask how they know to come the answer is simple because they are with you and feel your sense of longing that energy is enough to bring them through.,i myself will never call upon spirit so sometimes i have someone come to me and i just dont pick up anything i then explain to them its not because spirit is not with them or that they dont care its just that it takes a lot of energy from them and me to bring a message and sometimes that will only be done if they feel the message is important enough a good medium or spirit worker never makes things fit .

a day of spirit

well just stopping to grab some lunch after a morning of readings with lovely spirit sometimes they can make it hard for me and i have to go the long way round but im quite a hard person to please when im doing  a reading i like good validation i want a name or something i would never know i feel its my duty to put the right spirit with the right person i have had some lovely spirit through this morning and again i have met some new friends here on earth i always feel doing a reading can be a very personal thing and i get to know a person in a very short time via spirit and god bless them sometimes spirit can tell you everything so discretion is sometimes needed well eat my sandwich and have a drink then back to welcome the next lovely person and there loved ones love and light xxxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

hi im janice mackenzie coleman and im a spiritual medium i have passed messages on from spirit world to lovely people for many years .I believe in all spiritual aspects and work with my spirit guides it has took me a long time to travel my own spiritual path and have learnt so much along the way but now feel im in a place to share my spiritual experiences .I am married with grown up children and have a wonderful husband  i also do one to one readings . love and light xxx