Monday, 30 June 2014


I have often been asked what are guides and how do we know who they are, I find this question hard to answer as I can only go on what I believe so I will explain my beliefs .I believe we all have guides who have been there for us all through our life hear on earth and will also be there to guide us I our spiritual life so how do we find out who our guides are ? my answer often is why do we feel the need to know, this has a lot to do with our earth traits and less to do with our spiritual ones . I believe that we have numerous guides helping us along our path and on our journey for example me myself to my knowledge have three guides one a relative one what I refer to as a higher being and believe it or not one a animal a big cat to be more precise they all serve a role in helping me along my path and journey,so how do I know this I can hear you asking my only answer is years of meditation working with spirit and a whole lot of trust ,there have been times in my journey that I have needed the help of my guides at the start of my journey I didn't know who or what they were only that I knew they were there as time rolled by I got to learn more and more and as my journey grew longer I began to trust what I heard felt and experienced . My relative is what I call and you have probably heard the term my gatekeeper they help to vet protect and guard me against shall we say unwanted callers my big cat and I am sure that he is just a symbol of what I perceive to be a protector he will growl when a unwanted presence is around and will purr when things are right and my higher being for want of a better word well they have sort of always been there and showed them selves in may forms yet myself I am still unsure of who or what they are but my trust in them is immense as I have had may occasions were they have helped and guided me down the right path To the individual our guides and protectors can be with us I many different ways from being that little voice inside us to the term which is often heard "someone must have been watching over me" so the only answer I have to the question is trust your instincts listen for the signs and be open to what you hear the one thing I do know is we all have them god bless them \..............\...

Monday, 3 March 2014


Hello everyone i am going to speak today about what it is that makes us unique , do we understand what we are .It is a well known fact that each individual human being is different why is this ? fundamentally we are all the same as human beings we all more or less follow the same makeup with the exception of a few, we have the same limbs a heart. 2 kidneys lungs liver etc it is true that in some circumstances we can survive loosing some of our essential organs. but what is the one thing we all have that we cant live without without it we would fail to survive , men women children no matter what colour or race we all have this and not one of us could survive without it what is this ? THE BRAIN. scientists  have reported that the human brain is all the same that after many tests the human brain has the same make-up in every one so the scientists were asked what makes all different what makes us unique ,there answer was D.N. A  after many years of study they found that our D.N.A is what sets each ad everyone of us apart.Well they have poured the money into this they have spent years researching there facts therefore they must be right and maybe they are but i always ask the question how did they come to this how did they get to the part where it is our unique D.N.A that makes each and everyone one of us unique , did they or have they tested every human being on the planet every man ,woman and child did we all queue up in the big line and get it tested if so my invite got lost in the post , no they did it by research based on percentages and input in other words in my opinion these findings were man made .  The trouble is as human beings we are now conditioned to the fact that if we cant explain it if we cant make logic of it then it simply cannot be either right or true .In theory we should all be the same our make up is the same yet we are all unique therefore there has to be a logical explanation for this hence D.N.A the man made explanation  . So some do not believe in this explanation i am one of these people so what do i think makes us unique well i look at what i know if we all have the same organ(the brain) and without this organ one of us can survive a human life the shouldn't we all really be and act the same ,well no because what i believe makes each and everyone of us special, is our essence our soul is that so unbelievable just because we cant ever trap our essence our soul because scientists cant do there research or run there test does that mean it doesn't exist to me its the most logical answer going because it is what makes each and everyone of us unique and i do believe we can have some effect on the course of our souls and our essence that we can sometimes learn to be at one with it and to me its the only thing that makes each human being different from one and other its what makes all unique ,food for thought don't you think ........god bless

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Been taking a break

Hello Everyone

sorry it has been so long but I have had a lot of ill health over the last three months which has forced me to shut down and take a break from my spirituality and that includes my private readings so I have not had a lot to report well apart from me moaning and I am sure you would not want to read about that . There are times in our lives where you have to just take time for you and get back your energy and hopefully I have had enough time to do that I start back to my reading next week and I am fully booked for the foreseeable future so I am sure I will have lots to write about soon I am also writing my first spiritual novel and that can be quite stressful . I want to in the next for months to continue to tell you about my own spiritual journey and hopefully enough of you will be interested enough to read lol . Well I hope you all had a good Christmas and a peaceful start to the new year ,Its good to be back ........god bless