Friday, 28 September 2012

Asking for help !

A question i get asked a lot can we ask for help from our loved ones our guides and our angels the answer i always say is well i do .I remember when i was a child i was bullied a lot at school the usual peer things i was from a one parent family following a divorce and money was tight so i never had the things the other children had add that to the fact that they did'nt quite understand my strange ways made me an easy target and at times i would feel very lonely and out of the loop and i remember spirit talking to me telling me to hold in there and that in time things would change i was very young but i knew that they were around and would help which every way they could and there have been times in my life when i have called upon them again for help sometimes they have helped me in ways that i have not always  expected but they have helped no matter what you believe in your gods your angels you spirits yourself we are never alone and when we need help we usually find ourselves asking for it believe me if our loved ones our angels or our guides can help and they will try as long as it doesn't interfere with our path of life . When in time of despair or times of feeling very low when things look like they can only go from bad to worse or you have lost all hope please take yourself somewhere quiet as your guides to help you to go to your special place and then ask all your loved ones your angels and you guides to help and guide you so yes i do believe its ok to ask   god bless

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Your special place

For all those who are growing spiritually  and for all those who need somewhere for peace and reflection i am going to talk about my special place this is somewhere i go when i meditate somewhere i go when i am tired and need to reboot and rarely somewhere my spirit guide will take me when he senses danger i am asking you to open your mind and comprehend something you may have thought never existed . I have a  place where i go to which is not of this earth i am lucky to have 2 main spirit guides i know one of them is my grandfather another is of a higher spiritual level that looks after my spiritual side now i can here some of you saying  ooooo shes a bit mad well again like i have said before it all depends on  what you believe in as you grow spiritually and you get to trust and know you guides this place will become more of a sanctuary to you . To find your place its all about being open try to start off look through and choose ones of the spiritual meditations on you tube then while meditating and controlling your breathing ask you guides to make them selves known and to help you find your healing place and see where this takes you always remember to use your protection bubble before you start and hopefully with practise you will be able to go to your own special place when in time of needing peace to reboot your energy and for protection also while in your special place you will be able to explore your spirituality more hope you try this in time its something you wont do without  godbless

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

If anyone want to discuss any subject or would like to know more about certain ones i have wrote about please feel free to ask i am always open to comments and questions  god bless

Take time out !

Well  i am feeling a bit better this week and having took some time out i am starting to feel ready to continue with my work.I always feel when working with spirit you need to be able to do it with a reasonable clear head like i have said before communicating with spirit takes a lot of energy fro you and them and if you are feeling under the weather or have a lot on your mind your channels will become blocked when things are getting to much for me and i have a lot on my mind or i am feeling under the weather i know it would be a complete waste of time for me for spirit and for my clients who i do readings for to try to continue on i would not be able to give them or spirit my full attention when i am communicating with spirit i have to concentrate so hard and focus on just what is going on at that moment in time, if i have other things on my mind or am feeling low it just wont work so i have no qualms about cancelling my readings and stopping my spiritual work for a while because we all need time out .Sometimes my conversations with spirit can be very sad and draining what they tell me can be sad and alarming sometimes that's just how it goes and i except that as well as having the lovely messages so i have to recharge anyone who is reading this and is progressing in medium ship remember its always good to stop and recharge and take time out if i did a normal charge whatever that is lol i would get holidays but in this work you tend to forget to take a break because spirit can be anywhere i even had one in butlins this year lol and yes i can switch off when i wont to but i find i am always willing to listen which sometimes can be my downfall like most i always try to continue to work so like i said i am feeling better and have more  readings booked in again from next week after talking a fortnight of so like i said remember no matter how you walk this life every now and again TAKE TIME OUT god bless

Friday, 21 September 2012

When is soon to soon ?

I have not had a good week this week and it has thrown me into deep though early last week i learnt that someone knew had lost someone very close to them and it was not expected of course them and there family are completely devastated then i  had spirit come to visit me they just wanted there family to know that they were ok and that they were still there with them looking after them i knew straight away i would not be able to pass that message on for a number of reasons and this has affected me deeply as a spiritual medium i am blessed to be able to pass on messages from spirit to there loved ones but sometimes very rarely there are times when i feel that the message at this moment in time would not help those left behind  its very hard when i am involved and know the people when i am doing my readings nine times out of ten the people i read for are strangers and they have come to me plus i am not emotionally attached . as i knew the people involved i knew that if i tried to pass on the message i was given it would cause more upset they have to come to terms with there loss they have to adjust and for a long time there will be a huge void in there life's and i knew at this moment in time any message i had to pass on would not be received well i explained this to spirit and i knew they understood what i was saying i also explained that i knew when the time was right they would speak to me and of course i would pass on the message and the good validation they had given me , but it still left me feeling hopeless with my work like any other part of our lives they are sometime some hard decisions to make have i done the right thing honestly i don't really know but i have to follow my instincts and do what i think is right at the time and sometimes even i momentally  wish i did something else god bless

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Im often asked the question and have asked it myself and that is why? why did they have have to go why them its just not fair and if i or anybody else had the answer to that question a lot of us left on earth who feel a lot more ease. What i believe is that when we are called it is our time and no matter what or how if its our time its our time we are walking a path and that path has already been set out before we even arrived here i know that it harder for those loved ones left on earth than it is for those that have passed with all the spirits i have communicated with i can tell you the one message they always want to say first is we are alright we are happy and not sad i remember when my own mom was very ill she was very angry at dying and i worried that the anger who stop her from passing on to spirit world not long after she passed she came to me in a dream ( the only way i think i could have coped with seeing her at that time) and told me she was ok and to stop worrying ,its us here on earth who look for answers we will never be able to find and that's natural it all part of what we need to do to grieve but the person who has passed has already moved on from how they have died of course sometimes there is exceptional circumstances but overall no matter how they have died they just want loved ones to know they are ok and we here that's left have to grieve we have to mourn there loss so that we are able to move on so like i say to everyone who suffers a loss its ok to ask why even if you never get the answer first we grieve then we remember then we start to laugh again ,but rest assured our loved ones are fine xxxx

Friday, 14 September 2012

Things i see !

Most of the time i consider my gifts to be a blessing every now and then and i stress not often but on nights like tonight i wish i never had them not only do i communicate with spirit but i also know when things are going to happen and by things i mean not so good things i sense them and get a horrible feeling in the bottom of my stomach a couple of weeks ago we lost a kindred spirit another medium on the same day i heard of someone else i knew had also died when i heard of these i knew that in the next couple of weeks i would hear of another person that  would die. Last week i was drawn to a lovely girl i know so i viewed her profile on fb i knew instantly something was wrong i knew she had lost her dad all week i have worried and hoped i was wrong then a day ago i saw her dad in spirit world again i was praying i was wrong but tonight someone close to me has told me that yes she did lose her dad last week i know this lovely girl and i know how close she was to her dad and i can feel her pain i also know that nothing i say to her at this time will comfort or help her so i feel useless i know dad is fine and he is healed and he has been reunited with his daughter that im sure of but my heart goes out to this lovely girl and her family .so sometimes when you have a gifts like these its not all roses and light and like everything else in our lives i have to take the good with the bad just sometimes it sucks    love and light

Little signs

I was doing some meditations last night and had a spirit lady come through to me and elder lady who wanted nothing more than a chat when i asked her if she wanted me to give a message to anyone she said not really duck just thought a chat would be nice i mean how lovely is that so we had a chat she was a was a lady who just liked to chat and then  today i was in the doctors waiting room while i was waiting for my hubby and this lady about the same age as the one who had visited me last night sat by me and started chatting she told about her life and i listened and laughed at her stories and when hubby came out i said i have to go now here's my hubby and as i got up to leave she took my hand and said thank you for chatting is lovely to have someone to speak to and i knew that today i was meant to chat to that lady and spirit had come the night before as a sign and i thanked her because she reminded me sometimes people just want to have a chat with another person and that can make them happy we are given signs by spirit all the time to make us think to make us grateful for what we have and to remind us to be kind to one and other thank you spirit love and light

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How did i/do i cope with disbelievers

When i was younger i soon learnt it was better nor to say what i saw and heard i was already considered to be strange and  those friends i did tell and confide in well they were children and not to good at keeping secrets and i was soon being called names and bullied i was known as a bit of a dreamer at school and teachers often said i was often away with the fairies lol well they were nearly right the one subject i did like was history and always completed my homework because i always had help lol .As i got older i found it was easier for me just not to say anything so i kept a lot in all through my late teens up till my early twenties but i still felt and heard the odd comments believe me i have been called a lot of thinks from being loopy to being a witch to other things that was a lot worse of course it upset me and at first i kept everything about my spirituality to myself . what people don't realise is that spirituality goes a lot deeper than just communicating with spirit it is your body and your soul and if one is out of balance the other is affected its took me till now which is nearly 50 to come to terms with my spirituality to enjoy it and to love it to accept who i am . I do not expect anybody  to believe what i believe i do not feel the need to prove anything to anybody and as a person there are certain things in this world that i don't believe in so i never push my beliefs on any one else all i ask is have an open mind and don't judge me as i don't judge anyone .To me being spiritual is a state of mind it and it helps me to find peace i am now at one with me i like who  i am if asked i say who i am im not ashamed of who i am or what i do and that is a nice feeling to have and like i have said before i think we all have it in us to be spiritual to communicate and to see things we cannot explain i just feel we have to be open to experience it and as the song says i am what i am love and light 

Readings for friends

Do i like doing readings for my family and friends well i can tell you my answer is no not really and i have many reasons for this , i will always prefer doing a reading for a complete stranger someone i have never met and know nothing about then when spirit give me lovely validation i know and the person i am readings knows that there loved one is really there i am not saying when i do readings for friends that there loved ones are not there but the validation has to be better and of course this takes more energy fro me and spirit. When i am reading for a friend i always have in the back of my mind that i know this person and certain aspects of there life so i myself am wanting the validation to be something i would never know and this can be distracting when i am communicating with spirit on the other hand spirit can be quite good and while i am communicating what spirit is telling me i will be saying all sorts of things and they will not make any sense to me but will to the receiver so they will usually give me something that i just would.nit know even when reading for a friend . The hang up is really with me and not with spirit as a friend of course i will hear things about there lives and have experiences that i have shared with them so i am more aware in what i am saying and i can over think what spirit is saying to me and sometimes i will question what they are saying and what i have in my memory so because of my over thinking it becomes more energy draining for me and spirit because of course spirit has to work harder to get themselves heard ,of course life is not that simple and this shows that sometimes if a message need to be heard they will come through whether or not they are strangers or friends and of course i will always pass on the message but if this was a perfect world i would always just do my readings for people i have never met or know . And just to say to all my lovely good friends this doesn't mean i wouldn't ever not give a message to you if someone come through for you but its just what i prefer myself i always give messages to whoever they are for when lovely spirit joins me whether they are friends or not   love and light

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Different Days

Today when i got up i knew today was going to be different and an active day , it started early in the morning when my cousin phoned and told me some wonderful news she has had a very hard time of late ill health and the loss of a loved one who she was very close to and living somewhere she hated with no prospect of ever been able to move out and then an earth angel has come along and been able to make a move possible to somewhere that is peaceful and to a house she loves ,then my phone rang and it was a friend who i said i would do a reading for her friend and she wanted to know house number but as i was talking with her i knew her friend was going to cancel as i was talking to her her mobile phone rang and it was her friend cancelling her reading because she had some difficult family problems to contend with i knew it was not the right time for her to receive a message .It has been a day of reflection as we remember the tragic day that happened across the water and all those who lost there life's on 9/11 and it is my best friends birthday who i have known for over 30 years as i was ordering her some flowers to be sent to her house i couldn't remember her address as i was trying to think my phone rang and yes it was my best friend so with a little teasing i managed to get her address and keep the surprise thank you kind spirits  , then in the afternoon a old friend came to visit who i have not seen for a long time {and yes mandy that's you if you are reading this ) after the strange day i had been having i knew i was seeing her for a reason and of course i has message for her from spirit  so its been a day for reflection a day of surprises and a day of spirit a different day    love and light
                                                            9-11  remembered never forgotten

Karma friend or foe ?

I believe we can create  our own karma if we keep goodness around us and think and act positive we will have good karma and yes i do believe in the old saying what goes around  comes around so we really don't have to do anything because Karma will always be there .When something or someone has been nasty and upset you don't waste any negative thoughts thinking if only i could do this if only i could that don't waste your energy doing something not nice or nasty because what ever has happened Karma will pay a visit i know that there have been times in my life when i have been in a bad place and i have had a lot of bad energy around me things in my life have kept on happening because of the Karma i have created for myself  i always say try and be nice even if someone is being horrible try and keep light in your heart and soul even when things seem dark because we need to keep the energy good around us to create a good Karma for us so is Karma a friend or foe well i believe its both its just how we how we choose to live our life's     love and light

Monday, 10 September 2012


this is the subject i am never keen to write about even writing or talking about negativity i feel attracts it and i like to keep my distance .Depending on what you believe depends on whether or not you believe in negativity i will always say if you believe in the good then you have to believe in the bad one does not come without the other my spiritual journey has been affected by negativity and i know it is out there i have been touched by it im not going to go into my story of how i was affected by negativity needless to say i have seen enough to strengthen my belief in spirituality for if it had not been for my belief in good i might have been a whole different person today. Negativity can come in all different ways and can affect us in all different ways depending where we are in our lives if we are low and vulnerable that is when negativity can take a hold when i talk about negativity im talking about a broad spectrum from how negative thoughts can affect our thought pattern how it can effect our judgements to how we act there is also the more known negativity i.e negative spirits and entities . Sometimes we can move into properties and inherit a negative spirit which i think i have touched on before if this happens we of course try to cleanse the place if this does.nt work then we need to maybe look elsewhere for a professional person to come and try to get rid of the negative for us  , but we can come across negativity energy anywhere we can be with someone who is very negative in life and if we spend enough time with this person it will start to impact on our own life .If you know someone who is always argumentative destructive in there own lives follow paths that lead them to negative outcomes and you have tried to and help them  and no matter what you have done they refuse you help what more can you do and if there negative attitude starts to affect you then you have to start thinking of cutting that negativity out of your life .Its the same with problems once we have one then another we get down and start to view everything with negative thoughts no matter how hard it is we do have to try to keep positive and try to focus on whats good in our lives are       . its the same when others have done things to us our first natural reaction is to get angry and retaliate back then it spirals and before we know it we  thinking a doing things we thought we could never do its hard to try and not let others anger and negativity affect us but if you remember that all it will do to you is put you in a bad place yourself if anger affects you from other people try doing what i do walk away breath the air in and the anger out  love and light

Friday, 7 September 2012

Messages for me !

I myself have be known  to go and see a medium, spiritual mediums etc often i had a conversation with a friend today that was interesting and i thought i would share . Why if i can communicate with spirit why do i have to visit others that can do the same if i can communicate with spirit then why not just talk to my loved ones myself,so the way i explained it is like this i rarely receive a message from my loved ones myself why is this well the way i see it is like this if my lovely mom came to visit me and we talked and i could do this often i would never let her go you see its not them who don't want to come and see me its me stopping them because i am emotionally attached there would not be a day when i would not want to see my mom talk to mom and have her round me and spirit just cant do that to hear my mom or any other loved one i have lost and to be able to talk with them would cause me so much grief again when i had to let them go and they understand this hence they wouldn't visit me in the first place . when i do my readings and give messages i have no emotional connection with the person i am reading for and the lovely person who is in spirit so i can give the message and stay focused and do what i have to do as a voice for spirit so i like many others visit mediums myself and i wouldn't have it any other way love and light

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Do i get scared

Another question i am always being asked is how do spirit come through and do i get scared , i explain spirit have all different ways of coming through like i have said before i am lucky as i can sense hear and sometimes see them but they will also use pictures or flashes of where they had been and even smells . Sometimes i can hear them really clear and other times the way i explain it is like them being on a bad telephone line and i can just about hear them and it takes a lot of energy to even pick up the slightest thing they are saying no matter how many times i ask them to step forward . I usually find the more they step forward and the more the connection we have that's when i get to see them i will start of hearing them then they will start to appear i must admit even though i have been seeing spirit since i was a small child i still jump when someone visits me and they suddenly appear and i have had times when i have been out and it has took me sometime to realise that i have been standing next to spirit for sometime because they appear the same as you or i ,a spiritual friend told me something years ago that i still find really intriguing and that is we walk among the dead and the way she explained was think of when we are out and we are in a really crowded place walking along doing our own thing getting on with our day well the saying is 10% of who we walk among are spirit but we just don't realise it .DO i ever get scared in all honesty not very often now when i was younger yes i did get scared because i was trying to deal with being different now i think would i be scared of these people if they were still here and no most of them i wouldn't and i see them no different from you and i of course every now and then i will get a negative energy or spirit and i will tell you how i deal with those in a later date but i know i am protected and i trust and believe in my protectors and guides so all in all no i really do not get scared i feel blessed to be able to communicate with these lovely people  love and light

please comment

To anyone reading these posts please leave me a comment i would love to know if you are enjoying reading these and  if at all useful love and light xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

when loved ones pass how long ?

I am always being asked how long is it before our loved ones come through that's like asking how long is a piece of string because like in life its always about the individual i believe and i stress its only what i believe that it all depends on any  number of things how they passed how they was in life etc some spirits can come through straight away last week for example i had someone who lost someone close to then the lady who had passed had lived to a good old age was independent and got on with things herself right up until a couple of weeks before she died then she had a stroke which took away all her right side and there was no chance of her regaining it she would have lost all her Independence and all her family new she would have hated that just before she died she turned her head to the right side(something she was unable to do) looked up to the ceiling and called out her late husbands name twice of course he had come to meet her to help her over and i believe for the last few minutes on earth she was healed ,when i was talking about this lady with a member of her family she came straight through even though she only passed hours before she was happy she was with her husband and in her words she had had a good life and most of all she was ready she wanted her family to know that .In this case she was ready and able to come through but sometimes people who have passed need time to adjust to come to terms with there passing to reunite with all those they have lost and loved and for them to learn how to build there energy so they are able to come through and of course to heal, so there is no given time on how long it will be but i do know that when the time is right for them and for us they will find a way of letting us know love and light


Sometimes people who are just finding their spirituality find that they have a block and wonder why, there can  be many reasons for this but i have found over the years while i have been doing this i have always had a block when things are happening in my life by a block i mean not being able to communicate with spirit or feeling spirit have left you . when things are happening in our own life and our energy's are being used to cope with everyday things and problems you will usually find this is when the block will occur of course spirit have never left you but you will be protected by your guides communicating with spirit can be very draining and takes a lot of energy from you and spirit, when we are ill or having to cope with things that are going on in our own lives our guides will protect us and block or keep back if you like spirit so we can build our energy back up. over the years i have found i have stopped doing my spiritual work when i have been going through stressful times myself and i have needed to concentrate on helping me and others around me .I am often asked how do i just switch off well sometimes i don't have a choice and my guides will make me switch off and other times it is my choice when i have to get on with my everyday life, but i also like to think that spirit know when and if its ok and will be just as respectful towards you and your situations as they would have done in life  love and light

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Guides and our life's path

Today i have been thinking about the path we all walk which is life's path . Everyone of us will hit bumps twists and turns on this path and we will all deal with them differently , i know in the past i have fell many times as i have walked and sometimes it has been a struggle to get back up and carry on but i know that sometimes i have been picked up and carried by my earth angels as you have heard me talk about earth angels before how these are people who come into our life's for maybe a hour a week a month or for years but help us along and keep us going also i believe our guides and our loved ones and our angels will do the same thing .as i have gone along my path i have made mistakes like everyone else because not one of us is perfect the mistakes i have made some small some really huge have all been a learning curb for me and i always say to my children you will make mistakes in life and some will be huge you might hurt someones feelings you might regret what you say and what you do but the thing you must do is learn from them and try not to make them again .I believe the mistakes i have made in my life the big and the small ones have led me to be the person i am today all the time when going through these hard times i have asked my guides and loved ones and angels to help and they have always come through so no matter how alone we feel here on this earth the thing i say to everyone is always remember we are never alone if we ask and try to listen we will get help when we need it and we need to look for the signs our loved ones our angels and our guides will let us know they are there if we look so for everyone who is going through one of these bumps these twists or these turns just sit there quiet and speak to those we cannot see or feel because they will be there and they will listen each and everyone of us has a guide and that's is what they do guide us the best they can through the bumpy road of life its just a matter of trying to open up and listening to what they say love and light

Sunday, 2 September 2012


pets  are also really good at picking up and sensing spirit they will let you know straight away when they are picking up something i can only speak for dogs and cats  but i know my lovely dog picks up all things when im doing a reading i always have my dog in the room with me he is my sense i know if harvey is not sure about who has entered my space then i shouldn't be sure when im doing my readings harvey at first will circle and walk about once then if his happy he will lie down and go to sleep there has been a time when harvey has growled and barked and as silly as this sounds then i know not to let that spirit into my space i think again pets have no prejudice to what they see or hear all they know to do is protect love and light

Our pets and young children how they sense

The lovely things about babies and young children is as far as spirit is concerned they have no fear babies and young children i feel can see spirit and talk to them until they get to the age of knowing ,people often say to me my baby was gurgling and pointing to the ceiling  smiling and playing  i know my children all seen spirit from an early age . My eldest child had an imaginary friend from an early age he used to make me cook dinner for him by extra sweets for him the works one night i was busy in the kitchen when my son then aged three asked me for dindins for his friend  so i said to him perhaps your friend would like to go and have dinner with his mommy and daddy tonight so my son toddled off into the lounge then a few minutes later he was back and he said to me but he said you are his mommy, so that got me thinking i said whats you little friends name and my son said his alan mommy (alan being my spirit baby) i was shocked as we had not talked about alan freely in front of my son as he was only young so i said to my son doesn't alan want to go home to his mommy and daddy tonight so off my son toddled a few minutes later he came back and said alan said your his mommy and he lives in the bedroom with you what more could i say ..My daughter also had an imaginary friend who she played with argued with and fought over toys with again when she got to four he just disappeared then when she was in her late teens she came into my room in the middle of the night she said she had woken up and a young boy was sitting at the bottom of her bed she said she was to scared to move until he spoke he said don't be scared its only me your brother im just looking after you .so sometimes if you hear you children and babies cooing and laughing then they might just be talking to our loved ones  love and light xxx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Just saying hello

Today was a special day for me i went to my moms grave to place some flowers and i tool my little grandchildren with me and as i stood there in the sunshine and watched as my little granddaughter picked daisy's and placed them in a vase and my little grandson played i was smiling then all of a sudden i felt my mom behind me watching the grandchildren and smiling with me as i walked away i felt what i thought was my hubby's hand patting and stroking my shoulder then i looked and seen he was holding my grandchildren hands and i knew it was my mom patting me and stroking my shoulder as she walked with me my mom my angel was with me today and i have not stopped smiling since love and light LOVE YOU MOM X

spirit do they get stuck?

people always ask me why do some spirit stay and some spirit pass over why do they get stuck here on earth i believe and think spirit can stay here but most do it by choice i think a lot of spirit can sometimes be kept here for because they are looking for something sometimes they just like to hold on to what they know i also believe that some spirit can get stuck in there time don't except that they have died therefore cant move on what can we do about this? if a spirit is causing unrest in the house or where we work etc well if you feel you have an unruly spirit there are a few things you can try first of all you can cleanse the rooms with a sage stick or smudge you can light white candles in the rooms (white is for purity and peace ) you can also confront the spirit acknowledge it there then ask it to leave .Not all spirits that are hanging around are unruly  some are for one reason and another stuck in there time when this happens they see everything like it was in there time when they was here and as weird as this might sound they see us as the intruders and cant understand why we are there ,when i first moved into my house every now and then a spirit man would barge past me on the stairs grunt at me then say what do you want after doing this many times i decided to try and speak to him he thought i was in his house and i was the intruder and he wanted me out when i explained to him that this was my home now and my family lived there and hopefully we could all live in the same house and he had to except this then hopefully we could all live there after i had said this i  stopped seeing him but i knew he was still there then one night about 6 months later i was lying on the floor with my young son my older son was in the chair and we were watching t.v all of a sudden i heard the man and he was shouting at me MOVE NOW he said and i remember thinking this is not good i still lay there then i heard him again louder and more urgent MOVE NOW GET OUT OF HERE for some reason i grabbed my to little ones and headed for the door just as we stepped out into the hallway i heard a massive crash and bang when i turned and looked into the room my big mirror had feel from the wall crashed onto the fireplace and a shard of glass about 2 foot tall was stuck in the carpet the exact spot that me and my son were lying i then realised my spirit man wasn't trying to scare me he was trying to protect and save me if he hadn't have told me to move me or my son could have been seriously injured or killed ,and im glad to say we have lived in peace ever since love and light