Thursday, 29 November 2012

H i everyone hope everyone is keeping well and warm well with the holidays about to hit us i tend to slow down spiritually as i get more busy with the preparations . i will finish my last private readings next week then take a break until the new year , that's not to say i wont get spirit coming to me and will probably do some readings on the free site i am a member of . Remember everyone this is a special time of the year for our world and spirit world so don't be surprised if you start getting signs from spirit who want to say hello and i love you the signs are always there if you open up to them . This whole year has been a very important year for everyone spiritual and a lot of changes are about to happen for those of us who have spirituality in our lives we will begin to see how the world is changing around us and hopefully be able to prepare for the changes ahead there has been so much going on in our world that it has been hard to keep up with all the things that have been going on and the month of December is a important one .For all those growing with there spirituality now is the time to do more meditation more protection and grounding and start to listen to your inner voices help spirit world communicate with you let your angels and guides help and guide you welcome them in ,take time to reflect and look back at the year . may next year bring more peace and hope i will be on here still filling you all in on my own spiritual journey (oooo i do hope i am not talking to myself keep safe everyone and god bless xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

The unexpected

Hi everyone  i hope you are all well  and  had a good weekend well mine was certainly interesting just when you think you are going away and doing something really ordinary it always turns out different .This weekend i went down to torquay for the weekend to my nephews wedding  we stayed in a hotel which to be truthful was old but i didn't think that old once settled into the room we went down to the bar to meet  our family and share a drink while i was walking down i did sense quite a few spirits around  after spending a couple of hours with family and friends we decided to go to bed as i have a bad back condition i was in a lot of pain from all the travelling and needed to rest .after settling down for the night i soon realised i was not going to get any sleep at all that night for two reasons one i was in a lot of pain and two there was two spirits in the room with me the one was no trouble at all they would wander in and out and i guessed they were reliving what they used to do and were probably happy there when they were on earth , the other one was a different story they was kneeling in the corner and chanting prayers he had his back to ime and no matter what i said or did he totally ignored me but continued to chant over and over again  there was something about his presence i didn,t like so after a whole night of pain and not being able to sleep because of my room mate i got up in a foul mood and was full of negative energy i also had a wedding to go to on no sleep at all and knew i would.NT look my best so after snapping my hubbys head off i decided to go or should i say hobble down for breakfast i sat having breakfast feeling really sorry for myself and when i was returning to my room i passed a lovely old lady sitting in a chair at once i knew she was spirit and i knew she knew i could see her i smiled and nodded and walked passed and attempted to hobble up the stairs when she spoke  oh dear lovie she said you look like you are in so much pain go and have a rest and sort out what you need to do you know what that is i turned and smiled and she vanished when i got back to my room i made sure i cleansed it said prayers around it and added loads of protection i also made my presence felt in that corner of the room , after a lovely wedding and a good night we returned to the room and that night had a sound and undisturbed sleep he never returned and as i walked around the hotel i seen and sensed many spirits doing there old thing but i stopped and thanked the little old lady for talking some sense into me ........godbless

Thursday, 15 November 2012


This is charlies facebook page please follow the link and have a look and read his brave story god bless                                

Help save Baby Charlie Harris - Beard   i  am following this brave brave little boy who comes from my home town in the uk he is suffering from leukaemia and has had a lot of treatment chemo etc and fought it all the way sadly yesterday the doctors told mom and dad there was nothing more they could do and they only have a few weeks left with little charlie i am asking all who read this to send healing to this beautiful boy and prayers for a miracle and hoping that the family can find help or more treatment in other parts of our world .........god bless

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

at times you are humbled

Sometimes you are put in places for reasons that don't make any sense to you at the time but some time later be it weeks months or years it makes sense to you . For many many years i could not come to terms with who i was i hid from it i got scared about it and i turned away from it so i know how hard it is to except and come to terms with your spiritual path, and sometimes now i struggle with what i do i know that when i am doing my reading nine times out of ten i am going to be seeing someone who is vulnerable and is seeking either comfort or answers i always try and tell people that i cant tell the future and sometimes i cant give answers but hopefully i will sometimes bring comfort and when i leave the people i have spoken to i rarely find out if they were happy with what i have told them i can only tell them what spirit give me to give them sometimes i can be with a person for a couple of hours sometimes i can give them the message in 20 minutes depending how strong there energy is  then there are times when i might come across someone where our paths have crossed and i have spoke to them when they have had troubled times  and this happened tonight when i was out doing some readings i met someone i had met a few years ago while she was struggling with things spiritually and i had spoken to her i don't remember what was said or why but i do remember them and when they spoke to me tonight they asked i remembered them and they said you changed my life i didn't react at the time because i was in work mode but later tonight i was truly humbled at what they said  and i am truly blessed that i have been able to help someone even though i maybe didn't recognise it at the time so that left me thinking and i have thought to myself tonight that there will be times i doubt myself there will be times i get tired and wander if i should carry on and there will be times that i think should is this what i am really meant to do and like i said for a long time i kept what i was hidden for fear of taunts ridicule and nasty comments but all i was doing was hiding the real me now i have come to except who i am i am comfortable with who i am and this is me all of me and if i bring comfort to one person if i can help to heal one person if i can bring a smile to one persons face if i can help one person i will continue to do what i do and i will continue to pass on the messages that lovely spirit give to me because i am who i am ............god bless

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Whenever i do readings i always try to explain to people that when i communicate with spirit it is never as black or white as when i am talking to people here on earth it takes a lot of energy from me and spirit to try and communicate and though i can hear them i can sometimes only hear bit and pieces one word or one phrase they are a energy and they try hard to communicate with me but it never like here on earth sometimes they only can give me pictures in my minds eye or summon enough energy to say one word there are times if spirit has a good strong energy and we have a good connection that they will be able to talk fluent to me and i can see and understand everything they are saying but sadly this is not often and believe me its not like whoppi goldberg in the film ghost i wish it was lol , that's why i am always saying i can only give you what they give me and its for you to make sense of and not me because i know that if spirit have summoned enough energy to come through to me they will only give me things that mean something to their loved ones and what they will be able to make sense of and i am just the messenger there to pass it on . When i do one to one readings i like to have a object or something the person has been wearing or has handled i find this builds up a stronger connection to there loved ones and i can use their vibes when i do my readings on the free spiritual site i am i always ask them to post a picture again this helps with the connection but of course this is harder even though i do like to work on my spiritual site and reach out to people that otherwise i wouldn't have come across doing one to one reading will always work best for me for many reasons i like the one to one connection also its always nice to see how i have touched someone with a reading and to see it with my own eyes .So remember if you ever visit a medium of any sorts they can only do so much and its not like you and me chatting be patient remember to stop and think about what they are telling you and  also remember that even though you sometimes want so much a message from you special loved one  when spirit know you are there they may well come through with messages that you can pass on to other members of you family or friends so always stay open and try and think it will come to you....................... god bless

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Last night i was having a chat to a good friend of mine who is on her own spiritual cusp and to her own admission is still learning so much she asked me a question what do i always attract these people ? .I have spoken before about our intuition and good and evil and i am often asked if i believe in evil to which i always reply i don't believe i know and evil can come in all guises and at all times anybody who says to me i don't believe in this good and evil thing i ask them two things A. do they know people who are as good as gold have they been helped out by in the most unexpected way have they had someone when they most needed them would they consider these events good and B/.this is a simple one really take a good look at the world we live in then tell me evil doesn't exist.As you know from reading my blogs i believe we all have the ability to communicate with our loved one if we are open enough but of course as with everything else we do we have to learn how we can do this sadly evil is a good mimic and sometimes will come to us in the guise of our loved ones or someone we know so of course when we embark on becoming open we must protect ourselves and be safe we have to learn our protection and grounding we have to learn about our guides and guardians and about our protectors who will do there up most to keep us safe so of course we have to put time and patience into learning all this and when i was young i knew nothing about this spirituality was very much a taboo subject so i found it hard to meet like minded people but thankfully we have moved on a lot and spirituality is now much more accepted ,plus as i said i knew nothing so of course that led me to being open and not protected to which i encounter things to which i wish i hadn't ( but that's another subject i will speak about at a later date and share with you  ) but i know the one thing we all have is our intuition i call it my spiritual radar and sometimes we meet people in our life who just are not good for us so when the question was asked why do i attract these sort of people i had to explain that you don't attract them you are a good kind honest person who see the good in everything and everyone and sometimes we come across sheep in wolves clothing and i can tell you there has been many a time i have come across someone who has come across lovely honest and kind and my spiritual radar has gone of and nine times out of ten i am upset that this has happened because i want them to be as what they are appearing to be i am never nasty or cruel or unkind i just distant myself a little and  watch and wait and eventually they will appear as they really are because they cant keep it up forever and i cant tell you how many times i wish i had been wrong so like i said to my friend last night if something deep inside starts to rumble your intuition spiritual radar gut feeling whatever you call it then listen to it because has you have found out it is very very rarely wrong and once you have learnt to trust your instincts you will end up less hurt and less disappointed .......... god bless
It has come to my attention that a lot of people have been trying to comment on the blog but cant at this moment i am trying to find out why but as i am not very technically minded this could take a long time and i am really sorry though i must admit i am relieved that i am not talking to myself if anybody would like to give me feed back good or bad i am very open to it so please feel free to e-mail at i would love to hear from you . my Internet has been down the last couple of days and i have had trouble logging on but hopefully i am back up and running and will carry on with my journey in the meantime ........god bless

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Strange days

today has been one of those days when you hear see things  that turn them into strange days again i have been hearing about mediums who either take advantage of vulnerable people or tell vulnerable people bad news both these things get me mad seeing or hearing about a medium who is driven by the colour of money really get me now I'm not saying that mediums should do all there readings for nothing some mediums pass on messages as a living and as a way of earning an income but what i do not like is watching and hearing about mediums who are driven not by giving messages from the spirit world onto loved ones but by how much money they can earn and how much they can improve there lifestyle by selling related items or related things that they endorse as there gift. Then there are the ones who think giving bad news or shock readings is a way of making them either look powerful and in the know or think its OK to scare people on this earth i am lucky enough to know quite a few  talented mediums who pass on messages and i know in the circle of mediums i know we do not pass on bad news like i have said many many times before i have not be given  many bad news messages from spirit i feel they know my feelings on this subject so therefore it would never happen i really believe it is not for us to pass on things that are not good and upset loved ones here on earth if we can help in any way with the things we are told from spirit there are ways we can do it without upsetting loved ones here , then today i saw a spoke to a little child that i knew already was developing the gift of talking ato spirit by what they told me a delight to see that they had no fear of what they had heard and was treating it like a normal everyday thing you go from being mad about what you hear to being delighted to what you see all in the same day hence making it a very strange day . may i just again express to people everything i write on here are my own personal feelings and my own personal experiences ..........god bless

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hope you all have had a lovely Halloween i have had a lot of spirit around me tonight which you would expect tonight having a conversation on the phone with my sister when i started to hear a voice talking to me which sounded like my mom so that was a surprise i do sometimes get a little frustrated that i can talk to spirit strangers yet it is very hard to communicate with my own loved ones but as i understand they have there reasons for this. I have done some fabulous reading with spirit this week and i thank them for giving me some fantastic validation and as it is always nice to be told how good i am at what i do i really cannot take the credit one of the lovely people i did a reading for this week said to me i really know you was talking to my loved one you gave me there name there age and how and what they passed with its fantastic how do you do it to which i answered there really is no big secret to what i do they tell me things i pass them on to you they say it i say   it that's it i know sometimes i take what i do for granted i have always been blessed with this so to me its normal but i really am in awe of my lovely spirits when they come through to me and i ask them to give me really good validation not sketchy things but how did she know that things and they always come through for me and that's them not me and that's why i thank them i always say I'm like a postman i deliver the letters i never write them I'm just the messenger   ......... god bless