Monday, 22 April 2013


now there is  a question i have been asked more than once now let me see well as you can all guess i am no spring chicken and the answer is no i am not "trained" as a medium ,now i am old school and i have to stress these are my own op ions and mine alone but when i was a mere slip of a girl i never once thought to myself when i grow up i want to become a medium when i was at school i never thought i must go to college university etc to get my degree NVQ  to become a medium and i tell you why because i never had a choice it was with me from a very young age a part of me and if i had had a choice would i have followed this path well to be truthful i cant honestly say yes, As a child i was different it was difficult to have everything going on I'm my life and to understand it to have voices feelings seeing spirits it made me different from everyone else and as a child the last thing you want is to different i was introvert and withdrawn i didn't know how to handle everything that was going on .and what was happening and it took me a lot of years to except who and what i was so would i have chose it who knows . Now who every came up with training to be a medium i really don't know who decided that this is the qualification to say you are a medium i really do not know is there one? what i do know is all the spirit i communicate with have never once said to me what is you qualifications to do this my guide has never asked to see my paper work what i do is natural to me its what i know its what i have done for many years , i don't teach what i do but i do advise when people come to me and ask me questions  as you all should know i do believe that we all can communicate with spirit if we are open enough and i believe that we can all learn how to be at one with our spiritual self  so the debate goes on in my head who became so qualified that they can now train people to become mediums and regulate and charge for it to me it boggles my mind but that's me  so when asked the question am i trained to be a medium my answer is no i am not i just am the same as i never trained to be a mother a wife a daughter a human being its just part of me part of who i am thank god ............god bless

Sunday, 21 April 2013


A lot of people ask who or what is our guide or another term guardian angel well the way i say it that we have many people in the spirit world who look after us watch over us help and guide us but we have one special guide or angel who is with us from birth who was planned to be there before we were born they are our gatekeeper the one guide who protects us looks after us and makes sure that our souls are kept safe our gatekeeper can be any higher being of the spirit world we can all tune in with this special guide and believe it or not we have probably met our spirit guide before we entered the earth plane . so why not try to sense your guide when you have some time sit in  a quiet place and close your eyes do some relaxation protection and grounding first look on the net there is loads of videos with these meditations to choose from i always recommend putting yourself in a protective bubble as well and line the outside of your bubble with a reflective material i.e silver or mirror then just sit quiet and see what you sense you will feel the energy with you you will pick up feelings senses and even may be a voice you will also feel a sense of peace when you are at one with your gatekeeper main guide give it try and see what you get we also have many other guides who are with us through our life some stay and help us with things others pop in and out when we need there specialist traits but remember no matter what happens on this mortal realm and no matter how alone you are feeling you are never alone there are always others trying to guide help and support you from another world ,,,,,,,,god bless
Hello  everyone
e i hope i find everyone well i am sorry i have not been here for a few weeks but i have not been at my best and as not to bore you all with the details i have been unwell and needed to take a break needless to say i have had to take a break from my readings to so will be starting back this week and playing catch up . my spirits never leave me and although i am taking a break if a message needs to get through they will make sure it does so i have had to deliver a couple of messages when i have least expected it . I  am always amazed how my state of health affects my work with spirit i think its because we both have to use so much energy to communicate that as soon as you are below par it becomes so much harder but i do admit that even when i am not well spirit do make me chuckle with how they try to get my attention  i have had doors opening and shutting walls banging spirit peeping from behind doors the television being switched on and off and the old favourite in my house the bathroom light going on and off so hopefully me being back at work this week this will all settle . I have felt so upset with what has been going on in our world over the past few weeks and i think being empathic it effects me so thoughts and prayers go out to Boston Texas and china to name just a few wouldn't it be so lovely if we could live in a peaceful world . Well i hope i will be lifted in the next few weeks and my mood brightens and spirit bring me some lovely and joyful messages for there loved ones for all those who are involved in the spiritual world we all knew this year was going to be a hard one and full of spiritual changes and personal changes so i think we have to grit our teeth and get on with it and i know my angels and guides have been around a lot these past few weeks and i thank them for all the signs and talking about signs i hope everyone is still looking and listening to theres remember our signs are important they guide and help us so learning to recognise them is important our guides spirits and angels will always try to guide and warn and help us with everything in our life's  i will let you all know what my weeks bring ..................

Saturday, 13 April 2013


 H i  everyone i can see from my stats that a lot of people from all over the world are looking at this blog so once again i am going to ask a big favour i would love love love some feed back good or bad so that i know at least some of you out there are finding this blog interesting so please please please will you leave me some comments and let me know what you think    thankyou so much and god bless xxxxxxxxx

spiritual journey with jan mackenzie: A LITTLE SIGN

spiritual journey with jan mackenzie: A LITTLE SIGN: Hi everyone im sorry i have not posted on here for a while but like everyone else at one point or another i am going through a little bit ...


Hi everyone im sorry i have not posted on here for a while but like everyone else at one point or another i am going through a little bit of a bad time at the moment i wont go into details but i am finding myself unsure and scared and anxious now i know everyone goes through the ups and the downs of life and i also know that no matter how many times we have the downs they never get any easier . I do call on my guides and my angels and loved ones to help me through it and i know they are standing by me and holding me up and trying to push me up top again but i also know as much as they will support me they will try not to interfere if it can be helped strange i hear you all say i thought we were supposed to call upon our loved ones and angels and even our gods in our time off need , well of course we do but i truly believe( and may i stress again this is only my own beliefs ) that we have to have the hard times and the low times for three reasons 1. TO LEARN   2. TO GROW 3.TO APPRECIATE THE GOOD TIMES WHEN WE HAVE THEM  if  we were helped and things were stopped eve
rytime we asked for help we would never grow and we would never learn and i feel our own experiences are our own life lessons and therefore we can go on and help and guide others who need it from our own experiences .Our loved ones and our guides and angels will help us In so many different ways that we might not realise that they are helping at the time they will send earth angels to guide and help  us when we most need them they will change our direction when we don't realise they will give us the support so we can get up and fight another day they are around us in the background just look for the signs as i did myself this week i know its my time to have a not so easy time at the moment so i am calling for support and i am trying to catch up on all sorts of things after a few weeks of illness i am trying to play catch up on my private readings i am trying to find the energy too do every day chores and i am trying to still be a mom wife and nanna when all i  want to do to be truthful is crawl under the duvet and stay in bed but twice this week i have been in the garden and a white feather ahas landed at my feet i have come across people who have needed my help my loved ones have visited me in my dreams and offered there support i know they are all there helping to lift me and keep me going and for all those of you who are fighting your own tough times at the moment remember this you are being heard even if you think there is no one listening  they are around you and helping you carry on even though you cant see them and if in doubt remember look for the signs they will be there ................................    godbless