Thursday, 31 October 2013


Someone close to me was telling me today that since he has left the house which was his home for over 25 years things have been on the up , he is the biggest sceptic i know but never dismisses my beliefs i have been to this house many times and always sensed the bad energy in it now when i say the bad energy i don't mean spirit even though he did have spirit in there they were not bad i mean the house it was drenched in bad negative energy so when he told me things were on the up since moving i was not surprised , he said to me you always said the house had bad energy yet i had brought my children up there and considered it to be a happy home it was i said but the house itself was a sucker house  how so he asked , well before you moved into that home it was a GP surgery and had been for many many years then converted back to a home when you moved in therefore it built up a lot of negative energy every person who went to that doctors more than likely went in there with negative thoughts apart from the odd few everybody who sat there and waited seen the Doctor was probably not in the best of places think of a doctor and how much he saw felt and absorbed through all them years the building did the same it sucked in all the negativity the essence was there plus all the residual energy now if you think about that and know about that you can do things to change it but if you don't then eventually all that negativity will start to affect you and your domain and negativity thrives on negativity its like when we go out with a bunch of people we may be all positive and happy and fun but if the group of people we are with are down in the dumps everything they say has a negative aspect to it if we stay there long enough we soon become the same they have sucked away all our positive energy and we leave feeling miserable and down then something happens to make us feel worse and so on and so on like a snowball effect the same with buildings if we don't acknowledge the negativity that has been left there in the end it will suck all the positive energy from us and that's when things go wrong the sucker syndrome . So i am glad he has left and i am glad he mentioned it to me and i am glad i could say what i could say and he listened so maybe deep down he may not be such the sceptic he claims he is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,godbless

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