Thursday, 7 February 2013

Do i sh

Well today i was out shopping doing my normal life i was standing outside a supermarket waiting for my hubby to park a car when i overheard a conversation between to ladies the one lady asked the other how her mother was doing the other lady replied that she was doing ok but was finding it hard as she had been married for 45 years and was missing him as she said this a man appeared right at the side of me and said tell her i am ok tell her jerry is ok i turned and looked at him and shrugged my shoulders i think he understood because he smiled at me and vanished  you see i really could not go up to this women someone i had never met and give her this message why i can hear you asking well first of all say for some strange reason this man was not for her and i had got it wrong would she think i had been listening to her conversation and was being cruel and then also say it was for her she was getting on with her everyday life and a random stranger walks up and says you dad is ok jerry is ok how would she react to that then thirdly i suppose its my own fear that stops me is she going to rant and rave be nasty shout that i am a weirdo all these things go through my mind when i do readings for people i know that they have chose to come and see me i am not forcing my spirituality on to them and they want to hear the messages there loved ones have for them so as much as i would love to pass on all the messages lovely spirit want me to no matter where i am sometimes i just cant i have to look at the whole picture am i right or am i wrong who knows i only ever try to do what i feel is right .......godbless

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