Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Getting back

Well after a break which i do quite often i am back to my reading i have had a few this week and i must say spirit have been very kind to me and gave me good validations for there loved  ones . I do find that after i have stopped working for a few weeks i am always nervous about starting again when i am not working spirit of course still come round me and if i try to switch off they will do things to grab my attention like hiding things i need and when i ask for them to return them they do turn up in the weirdest places of course i don't mind i know it is there way of trying to say hello we are still here you know .My new year has started off quite hectic and i am sort of playing catch up with myself but that is what life throws at us sometimes and we have to adjust to that like i always say i am a medium but also i am a person a mom a grandmom and a wife its just a a small part of who i am and sometimes it just has to take a small part of my other busy life   and i know that spirit understand that we always have to have a balance  in everything we do . Well hopefully things will settle down and i can get back to telling you all about what i have learnt as i have grown on my spiritual journey .......... god bless

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Tina said...

perfect words hun as they always are , love , light and blessings xxxx