Monday, 3 December 2012

when you awake spiritually

Well for those who have been following you will have seen me talk about my daughter and how she is at the beginning of her spiritual journey and low and behold she is experiencing problems because now she is starting to see spirit all the time this is of course natural and its how you deal with it that takes practise as i have explained to her now that she is awakening spirit will try to contact her because they know she can see and in no doubt in time t she will be able to hear them so god bless spirit they will try to contact others through her she at the moment is finding this hard to cope with her energy is being drained and she is experiencing headaches the trick is learning to close you channels and being able to carry on normally and using your gift so that it suits her and them i think this is where it can become emotionally draining and tiring learning all the new things that are happening to you and learning how to deal with them she has asked me to speak to them for her and explain at this moment in time she doesn't know how to cope with this 'this is a very normal reaction to have and it can be very overwhelming and it needs time to become part of you .I will continue to help and guide her i will show her protection and grounding and how to speak to her guides and ask them for protection and guidance , anyone who is awakening spiritually will go through all sorts of problems as they continue to learn and adjust to there gift and like i have said to my daughter i have been going through my adjustment for nearly 40 years and continue to do so like everything we do we are always learning and growing...............god bless

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