Saturday, 1 December 2012

A childs blessing

Well hi everyone i thought i would have to share this with you as not only is it part of my spiritual journey but also my daughters my daughter is 20 but i have known for many years since she was a child that she was like me and had the ability to see and communicate with spirit when she was younger she had a imaginary friend and would talk and play with him by what she was telling me i knew it was my son who died before she was born as she went through her childhood she would tell me things she could see i never discussed my spirituality with as with all my children i wanted her to find her own path and also dare i say it but have what was considered to be a normal mommy as she went through her teens her seeing spirit seemed to stop but when she was about 15 she came to me and said she had seen a young boy sitting on her bed she said she was scared but then he spoke to her and told not to be scared he was her brother and he was always there to look after her i explained she had the gift to be able to see and talk to spirit she did say to me she didn't like it and was scared of it as time went on she learnt what i could do and that i did reading for people and passed on messages from spirit world to loved ones here on earth she excepted it but didn't want any involvement in it which i respected but we would talk about it from time to time,then last year she saw a young girl who was connected to someone she knew after describing her to her friend her friend couldn't believe she had described her best friend who had died years before she had met my daughter again i sat down with my daughter and told her not to fear her gift but she still seemed reluctant to embrace it then last night my daughter had a visit from a spirit man she could see him as clear as day and described to me what he looked like and what he wore now is the time she is starting to embrace her gift i explained that spirit knew she could see and hear them and they just want to communicate with her they wont hurt her and its a gift that she want ever lose and cant turn her back on because in all honesty they want let her she has mentioned it to a couple of friends one who said she cannot be normal i told her she has to get a thick skin not to be ashamed of who she is and to see what she does as a beautiful gift and never a curse like i have said before i feel everyone can become spiritually enlightened if they are open to it but a few have no choice and are born into it and have to learn to live and except that they are who they are and have been chosen to have this wonderful gift. When i was younger i struggled with my gift times were different then and it was not so excepted as it is today i had no one to talk to or no one to share my thoughts and fears with my daughter will always have me who has been there and lived with it i will teach her how to except and handle her gift i will teach her about protection and grounding i will guide her as best as i can but i also know her spirit guides and higher beings will protect her help her and guide her as well i know she will go far with her gift she was my angel child my gift as i was told i would never be able to have anymore children then i conceived her and after 3 boys and 4 miscarriages i had my little girl my miracle girl i knew she was special and now its been confirmed .................godbless

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Tina said...

Awww hun that is an amzing thing to read ,being like her mom she will bring alot of comfort , love and happiness into an awfull lot of peoples life . Look forward to hearing and reading more as time goes by . love , light and blessings xxx