Thursday, 29 November 2012

H i everyone hope everyone is keeping well and warm well with the holidays about to hit us i tend to slow down spiritually as i get more busy with the preparations . i will finish my last private readings next week then take a break until the new year , that's not to say i wont get spirit coming to me and will probably do some readings on the free site i am a member of . Remember everyone this is a special time of the year for our world and spirit world so don't be surprised if you start getting signs from spirit who want to say hello and i love you the signs are always there if you open up to them . This whole year has been a very important year for everyone spiritual and a lot of changes are about to happen for those of us who have spirituality in our lives we will begin to see how the world is changing around us and hopefully be able to prepare for the changes ahead there has been so much going on in our world that it has been hard to keep up with all the things that have been going on and the month of December is a important one .For all those growing with there spirituality now is the time to do more meditation more protection and grounding and start to listen to your inner voices help spirit world communicate with you let your angels and guides help and guide you welcome them in ,take time to reflect and look back at the year . may next year bring more peace and hope i will be on here still filling you all in on my own spiritual journey (oooo i do hope i am not talking to myself keep safe everyone and god bless xx

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