Monday, 22 April 2013


now there is  a question i have been asked more than once now let me see well as you can all guess i am no spring chicken and the answer is no i am not "trained" as a medium ,now i am old school and i have to stress these are my own op ions and mine alone but when i was a mere slip of a girl i never once thought to myself when i grow up i want to become a medium when i was at school i never thought i must go to college university etc to get my degree NVQ  to become a medium and i tell you why because i never had a choice it was with me from a very young age a part of me and if i had had a choice would i have followed this path well to be truthful i cant honestly say yes, As a child i was different it was difficult to have everything going on I'm my life and to understand it to have voices feelings seeing spirits it made me different from everyone else and as a child the last thing you want is to different i was introvert and withdrawn i didn't know how to handle everything that was going on .and what was happening and it took me a lot of years to except who and what i was so would i have chose it who knows . Now who every came up with training to be a medium i really don't know who decided that this is the qualification to say you are a medium i really do not know is there one? what i do know is all the spirit i communicate with have never once said to me what is you qualifications to do this my guide has never asked to see my paper work what i do is natural to me its what i know its what i have done for many years , i don't teach what i do but i do advise when people come to me and ask me questions  as you all should know i do believe that we all can communicate with spirit if we are open enough and i believe that we can all learn how to be at one with our spiritual self  so the debate goes on in my head who became so qualified that they can now train people to become mediums and regulate and charge for it to me it boggles my mind but that's me  so when asked the question am i trained to be a medium my answer is no i am not i just am the same as i never trained to be a mother a wife a daughter a human being its just part of me part of who i am thank god ............god bless


Tina said...

I agree with everything you said Jan, spirituality is something that grows with you , there are aspects that you can learn like how to develop the gift we are given but to do that we need to be open to the love and guidance from our spirit guides and higher beings and having a friend like you that answers questions and gives advice. you are my earth guide! love light and blessings xx

Janice Coleman said...

thankyou tina hun xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

yes janice i totally agree, i call my self a natural medium, i wasnt taught to have my gifts, ive always had them yes i explored and ive grown with them but certainly was born this way ..a part of me , not seperate .. im still me, i know the angels around me and i work with with the angels ...just because i have gifts dosnt imply im trained .. im just me, xx I help when i can . where i can x we are always growing and always developing xx love and light from suzi xx