Sunday, 21 April 2013


A lot of people ask who or what is our guide or another term guardian angel well the way i say it that we have many people in the spirit world who look after us watch over us help and guide us but we have one special guide or angel who is with us from birth who was planned to be there before we were born they are our gatekeeper the one guide who protects us looks after us and makes sure that our souls are kept safe our gatekeeper can be any higher being of the spirit world we can all tune in with this special guide and believe it or not we have probably met our spirit guide before we entered the earth plane . so why not try to sense your guide when you have some time sit in  a quiet place and close your eyes do some relaxation protection and grounding first look on the net there is loads of videos with these meditations to choose from i always recommend putting yourself in a protective bubble as well and line the outside of your bubble with a reflective material i.e silver or mirror then just sit quiet and see what you sense you will feel the energy with you you will pick up feelings senses and even may be a voice you will also feel a sense of peace when you are at one with your gatekeeper main guide give it try and see what you get we also have many other guides who are with us through our life some stay and help us with things others pop in and out when we need there specialist traits but remember no matter what happens on this mortal realm and no matter how alone you are feeling you are never alone there are always others trying to guide help and support you from another world ,,,,,,,,god bless

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