Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hello  everyone
e i hope i find everyone well i am sorry i have not been here for a few weeks but i have not been at my best and as not to bore you all with the details i have been unwell and needed to take a break needless to say i have had to take a break from my readings to so will be starting back this week and playing catch up . my spirits never leave me and although i am taking a break if a message needs to get through they will make sure it does so i have had to deliver a couple of messages when i have least expected it . I  am always amazed how my state of health affects my work with spirit i think its because we both have to use so much energy to communicate that as soon as you are below par it becomes so much harder but i do admit that even when i am not well spirit do make me chuckle with how they try to get my attention  i have had doors opening and shutting walls banging spirit peeping from behind doors the television being switched on and off and the old favourite in my house the bathroom light going on and off so hopefully me being back at work this week this will all settle . I have felt so upset with what has been going on in our world over the past few weeks and i think being empathic it effects me so thoughts and prayers go out to Boston Texas and china to name just a few wouldn't it be so lovely if we could live in a peaceful world . Well i hope i will be lifted in the next few weeks and my mood brightens and spirit bring me some lovely and joyful messages for there loved ones for all those who are involved in the spiritual world we all knew this year was going to be a hard one and full of spiritual changes and personal changes so i think we have to grit our teeth and get on with it and i know my angels and guides have been around a lot these past few weeks and i thank them for all the signs and talking about signs i hope everyone is still looking and listening to theres remember our signs are important they guide and help us so learning to recognise them is important our guides spirits and angels will always try to guide and warn and help us with everything in our life's  i will let you all know what my weeks bring ..................


Tina said...

So glad you are feeling better Jan, keep up the good and important work and the teaching you are doing here its very much apreciated. love, Light & Blessings Always.
Hugs & love
Tina xxx

Janice Coleman said...

thankyou so much tina hun xxxxxxx