Saturday, 5 January 2013

 W ell hi everyone my new start hasn't been the best with one thing and another but i am trying my best not to dwell on the negative but to keep going forward and think positive i have not been well for about a month now what with the flu and then a sickness bug and once again another flu so when this happens i tend not to do any spiritual work because my strength is not there so i am taking an enforced break that's not to say that spirit are still not around the other day whist i was drying my hair a spirit was playing peek a boo which i did find quite amusing also i have had a little negative spirit around me i have been able to sense them and they do come when you are most vunerable i.e feeling ill and low so i have had to up my protection  not that i ever let it down . I am not quite sure about the year 2013 yet but as always i am sure it will be a year of ups and downs and how we all cope with that we are yet to see i know we are always learning so it will be interesting to see what lessons we have to learn this year I'm hoping that in the next few weeks i can get back to telling my story and sharing my experiences back on here i hope you will still all pop in and have a read .......... god bless

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