Tuesday, 8 January 2013


hi everyone something happened today that was very sad and through my life into turmoil through events of sadness to others it left me with a choice i had to face that i had been avoiding for many years in the end events led me to a situation where i couldn't avoid it any longer so i was left with a choice face my fears show forgiveness set myself free from a heart of pain or walk away and carry on running from my fears not forgiving and being bitter and holding on to pain that had been there far to long i decided to go for option 1 i don't know if i was right or if i will be proven wrong but what i do know is that i am me and no matter what i might say i always have to forgive first i have no choice because its the way i am made so only time will tell but i am no longer scared i may be rambling and I'm sorry but in the name of the lady who passed today i will give it a go xxxx

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