Wednesday, 23 January 2013

who's spiritual

Hi everybody I'm often asked the questions who's spiritual or how do you know if you are spiritual mmmmmm let me see well by now you should know my beliefs and that i believe we all have the spiritual core within us but i suppose that some rather than others find that they feel it a lot deeper being spiritual can mean so many things to so many people it depends what they believe in who there gods are what they religion is being or feeling spiritual i think its a very personal thing . My own definition on being spiritual for me means many things and shapes me as a person i believe i myself feel that being spiritual and being in touch with my own spirituality helps me cope with everyday life and every day problems it helps me grow as a person it helps me with understanding of others it helps me stay calm and relaxed it also helps me to try and find the good in most things and understand there might be reasons later on why i cant see the good at that time . Being spiritual is not all about being a medium in fact being a medium is a very small part of my spirituality it is a gift i have been blessed with and I'm am very happy to have it but its not the be all in my life i will sometimes be a working medium for months on end then i will take a break and not work as a medium for the same length of time i do not and have never made it my career in life and it does not become the main thing in my life but it is part of me and who i am the same as all the ailments of have in my life( believe me i have so many i wont bore you all with the details ) but again even though my ill health at times is part of my life it doesn't become my life i am more than that . I believe spirituality becomes who you are and i always refer to it like a tree growing we start of as a small sap and as we learn and feed from our spirituality we grow and have many branches coming of us but they all lead back to the roots of what we are, we are always learning and we are always growing and like the trees that feed and help our earth i hope my spiritual self feeds and helps others ...........god bless


Tina said...

Jan hunnee as always a brilliant , honest and informative post , you are a very talented , gifted lady and i am blessed to have you as my friend , love and light always xxx

Janice Coleman said...

thankyou tina hun xx