Sunday, 13 January 2013

The sad loss

This week has seen the loss of someone i knew and for those closest to her i have to watch the pain and grief they are going through and i know nothing i say or do can ease that grief i often say and truly believe it is harder for those loved ones here on earth than for the loved ones that have pasted ,its even harder for those who lose there moms because for a lot of us our moms are not only our moms but our best friends to, they leave a huge gap in our lives that no matter what we know it will never be filled again .I  really do not know why some people leave our earth earlier than what we think they should why these good people seem to suffer pain and illness making there last days on earth uncomfortable and hard to see and i don't know why some seem to suffer more than others what i do know well what i believe is as soon as they leave this mortal earth there pain has eased sometimes even before they go they will have been healed when people say they looked and sounded better than they had done in months just before they died that's because the healing process had already begun i believe that they see there loved ones who have come to fetch them and they lose the fear and find a peace but i do know from experience its always our loved ones who have passed who are worried about us here left on earth there messages are most the time please tell them i am ok and no longer have any pain nor am i unhappy they always want there loved ones here to move on and let them go because they are content and happy to be where they are no matter what the circumstances was when they left .I myself have been totally disabled with grief  from loosing my loved ones and i know no matter what anyone said to me that grief wouldn't ease so of course its hard for me to watch people i know and love suffer so much pain in there grief but i know they will heal and laugh again and they will do this with the help and the love and the guidance from there loved ones that have passed and even though they cant see them or touch them they will be there  by there sides wrapping there arms around them brushing away the tears and loving them like they always did when they were here ........... Dedicated to the lovely lady we lost this week .......... god bless

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