Saturday, 19 January 2013

Following your pat

Well hello everyone i have had a funny old couple of weeks and now I'm left with a conflicting  thoughts and decisions and i have to make them soon .There are points in our life when we come to crossroads and different paths and we find ourselves at the junction not sure which path to take do we go the safe path where we can continue on our long steady walk through life where we feel safe and have no fears or do we go down the windy path where we know there are going to be a lot of twists and turns where we have fear of what might happen where we are sometimes opening ourselves up to maybe pain and hurt even danger its a hard decisions to make a whole part of  you so wants to walk no run down that straight safe path yet the other part of you wants to go down the windy path as you know sometimes we have to face the fears and even maybe the danger as you will always be wandering what ifs all the time , so here i go off down the windy path i don't know where it is going to lead me or where i will end up but in my heart i know its where i am meant to go its my path whether it be to learn another life lesson or whether it will be good or bad but one thing i do know it will be part of my journey so i am asking all my spiritual guides all my angels or my loved ones in spirit world to keep me protected and safe to help me on this path and to guide me to the right place to keep me safe from all things evil and bad to help me continue the fight of goodness ......... godbless

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