Tuesday, 13 November 2012

at times you are humbled

Sometimes you are put in places for reasons that don't make any sense to you at the time but some time later be it weeks months or years it makes sense to you . For many many years i could not come to terms with who i was i hid from it i got scared about it and i turned away from it so i know how hard it is to except and come to terms with your spiritual path, and sometimes now i struggle with what i do i know that when i am doing my reading nine times out of ten i am going to be seeing someone who is vulnerable and is seeking either comfort or answers i always try and tell people that i cant tell the future and sometimes i cant give answers but hopefully i will sometimes bring comfort and when i leave the people i have spoken to i rarely find out if they were happy with what i have told them i can only tell them what spirit give me to give them sometimes i can be with a person for a couple of hours sometimes i can give them the message in 20 minutes depending how strong there energy is  then there are times when i might come across someone where our paths have crossed and i have spoke to them when they have had troubled times  and this happened tonight when i was out doing some readings i met someone i had met a few years ago while she was struggling with things spiritually and i had spoken to her i don't remember what was said or why but i do remember them and when they spoke to me tonight they asked i remembered them and they said you changed my life i didn't react at the time because i was in work mode but later tonight i was truly humbled at what they said  and i am truly blessed that i have been able to help someone even though i maybe didn't recognise it at the time so that left me thinking and i have thought to myself tonight that there will be times i doubt myself there will be times i get tired and wander if i should carry on and there will be times that i think should is this what i am really meant to do and like i said for a long time i kept what i was hidden for fear of taunts ridicule and nasty comments but all i was doing was hiding the real me now i have come to except who i am i am comfortable with who i am and this is me all of me and if i bring comfort to one person if i can help to heal one person if i can bring a smile to one persons face if i can help one person i will continue to do what i do and i will continue to pass on the messages that lovely spirit give to me because i am who i am ............god bless

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