Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hope you all have had a lovely Halloween i have had a lot of spirit around me tonight which you would expect tonight having a conversation on the phone with my sister when i started to hear a voice talking to me which sounded like my mom so that was a surprise i do sometimes get a little frustrated that i can talk to spirit strangers yet it is very hard to communicate with my own loved ones but as i understand they have there reasons for this. I have done some fabulous reading with spirit this week and i thank them for giving me some fantastic validation and as it is always nice to be told how good i am at what i do i really cannot take the credit one of the lovely people i did a reading for this week said to me i really know you was talking to my loved one you gave me there name there age and how and what they passed with its fantastic how do you do it to which i answered there really is no big secret to what i do they tell me things i pass them on to you they say it i say   it that's it i know sometimes i take what i do for granted i have always been blessed with this so to me its normal but i really am in awe of my lovely spirits when they come through to me and i ask them to give me really good validation not sketchy things but how did she know that things and they always come through for me and that's them not me and that's why i thank them i always say I'm like a postman i deliver the letters i never write them I'm just the messenger   ......... god bless

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