Monday, 19 November 2012

The unexpected

Hi everyone  i hope you are all well  and  had a good weekend well mine was certainly interesting just when you think you are going away and doing something really ordinary it always turns out different .This weekend i went down to torquay for the weekend to my nephews wedding  we stayed in a hotel which to be truthful was old but i didn't think that old once settled into the room we went down to the bar to meet  our family and share a drink while i was walking down i did sense quite a few spirits around  after spending a couple of hours with family and friends we decided to go to bed as i have a bad back condition i was in a lot of pain from all the travelling and needed to rest .after settling down for the night i soon realised i was not going to get any sleep at all that night for two reasons one i was in a lot of pain and two there was two spirits in the room with me the one was no trouble at all they would wander in and out and i guessed they were reliving what they used to do and were probably happy there when they were on earth , the other one was a different story they was kneeling in the corner and chanting prayers he had his back to ime and no matter what i said or did he totally ignored me but continued to chant over and over again  there was something about his presence i didn,t like so after a whole night of pain and not being able to sleep because of my room mate i got up in a foul mood and was full of negative energy i also had a wedding to go to on no sleep at all and knew i would.NT look my best so after snapping my hubbys head off i decided to go or should i say hobble down for breakfast i sat having breakfast feeling really sorry for myself and when i was returning to my room i passed a lovely old lady sitting in a chair at once i knew she was spirit and i knew she knew i could see her i smiled and nodded and walked passed and attempted to hobble up the stairs when she spoke  oh dear lovie she said you look like you are in so much pain go and have a rest and sort out what you need to do you know what that is i turned and smiled and she vanished when i got back to my room i made sure i cleansed it said prayers around it and added loads of protection i also made my presence felt in that corner of the room , after a lovely wedding and a good night we returned to the room and that night had a sound and undisturbed sleep he never returned and as i walked around the hotel i seen and sensed many spirits doing there old thing but i stopped and thanked the little old lady for talking some sense into me ........godbless

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