Sunday, 4 November 2012

Strange days

today has been one of those days when you hear see things  that turn them into strange days again i have been hearing about mediums who either take advantage of vulnerable people or tell vulnerable people bad news both these things get me mad seeing or hearing about a medium who is driven by the colour of money really get me now I'm not saying that mediums should do all there readings for nothing some mediums pass on messages as a living and as a way of earning an income but what i do not like is watching and hearing about mediums who are driven not by giving messages from the spirit world onto loved ones but by how much money they can earn and how much they can improve there lifestyle by selling related items or related things that they endorse as there gift. Then there are the ones who think giving bad news or shock readings is a way of making them either look powerful and in the know or think its OK to scare people on this earth i am lucky enough to know quite a few  talented mediums who pass on messages and i know in the circle of mediums i know we do not pass on bad news like i have said many many times before i have not be given  many bad news messages from spirit i feel they know my feelings on this subject so therefore it would never happen i really believe it is not for us to pass on things that are not good and upset loved ones here on earth if we can help in any way with the things we are told from spirit there are ways we can do it without upsetting loved ones here , then today i saw a spoke to a little child that i knew already was developing the gift of talking ato spirit by what they told me a delight to see that they had no fear of what they had heard and was treating it like a normal everyday thing you go from being mad about what you hear to being delighted to what you see all in the same day hence making it a very strange day . may i just again express to people everything i write on here are my own personal feelings and my own personal experiences ..........god bless

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Tina said...

so true hun , love and light xx