Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Last night i was having a chat to a good friend of mine who is on her own spiritual cusp and to her own admission is still learning so much she asked me a question what do i always attract these people ? .I have spoken before about our intuition and good and evil and i am often asked if i believe in evil to which i always reply i don't believe i know and evil can come in all guises and at all times anybody who says to me i don't believe in this good and evil thing i ask them two things A. do they know people who are as good as gold have they been helped out by in the most unexpected way have they had someone when they most needed them would they consider these events good and B/.this is a simple one really take a good look at the world we live in then tell me evil doesn't exist.As you know from reading my blogs i believe we all have the ability to communicate with our loved one if we are open enough but of course as with everything else we do we have to learn how we can do this sadly evil is a good mimic and sometimes will come to us in the guise of our loved ones or someone we know so of course when we embark on becoming open we must protect ourselves and be safe we have to learn our protection and grounding we have to learn about our guides and guardians and about our protectors who will do there up most to keep us safe so of course we have to put time and patience into learning all this and when i was young i knew nothing about this spirituality was very much a taboo subject so i found it hard to meet like minded people but thankfully we have moved on a lot and spirituality is now much more accepted ,plus as i said i knew nothing so of course that led me to being open and not protected to which i encounter things to which i wish i hadn't ( but that's another subject i will speak about at a later date and share with you  ) but i know the one thing we all have is our intuition i call it my spiritual radar and sometimes we meet people in our life who just are not good for us so when the question was asked why do i attract these sort of people i had to explain that you don't attract them you are a good kind honest person who see the good in everything and everyone and sometimes we come across sheep in wolves clothing and i can tell you there has been many a time i have come across someone who has come across lovely honest and kind and my spiritual radar has gone of and nine times out of ten i am upset that this has happened because i want them to be as what they are appearing to be i am never nasty or cruel or unkind i just distant myself a little and  watch and wait and eventually they will appear as they really are because they cant keep it up forever and i cant tell you how many times i wish i had been wrong so like i said to my friend last night if something deep inside starts to rumble your intuition spiritual radar gut feeling whatever you call it then listen to it because has you have found out it is very very rarely wrong and once you have learnt to trust your instincts you will end up less hurt and less disappointed .......... god bless

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