Thursday, 8 November 2012

Whenever i do readings i always try to explain to people that when i communicate with spirit it is never as black or white as when i am talking to people here on earth it takes a lot of energy from me and spirit to try and communicate and though i can hear them i can sometimes only hear bit and pieces one word or one phrase they are a energy and they try hard to communicate with me but it never like here on earth sometimes they only can give me pictures in my minds eye or summon enough energy to say one word there are times if spirit has a good strong energy and we have a good connection that they will be able to talk fluent to me and i can see and understand everything they are saying but sadly this is not often and believe me its not like whoppi goldberg in the film ghost i wish it was lol , that's why i am always saying i can only give you what they give me and its for you to make sense of and not me because i know that if spirit have summoned enough energy to come through to me they will only give me things that mean something to their loved ones and what they will be able to make sense of and i am just the messenger there to pass it on . When i do one to one readings i like to have a object or something the person has been wearing or has handled i find this builds up a stronger connection to there loved ones and i can use their vibes when i do my readings on the free spiritual site i am i always ask them to post a picture again this helps with the connection but of course this is harder even though i do like to work on my spiritual site and reach out to people that otherwise i wouldn't have come across doing one to one reading will always work best for me for many reasons i like the one to one connection also its always nice to see how i have touched someone with a reading and to see it with my own eyes .So remember if you ever visit a medium of any sorts they can only do so much and its not like you and me chatting be patient remember to stop and think about what they are telling you and  also remember that even though you sometimes want so much a message from you special loved one  when spirit know you are there they may well come through with messages that you can pass on to other members of you family or friends so always stay open and try and think it will come to you....................... god bless

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