Friday, 12 October 2012

Intuition do we know?

The one gift we all have and yet almost all of us ignore is our intuition  whether or not we are spiritual we all have this built in hidden gift that comes from our soul learning to listen it is something we all have to do . How many times have we been in a situation and thought to ourselves i wish i had listened to myself because i knew, how many times have we known someone is wrong and we have felt it in the pit of our stomachs said nothing then it proved to be right . Our hidden gift our intuition can be a very good thing to have if we learn how to recognise it is the one gift we are all born with no one can explain why that even though all of us have the same heart brain liver etc yet each one of us are individual its the same that they cant explain why we have a inner voice trying to warn us and let us know things our intuition . i believe and i stress this is just  what i believe because hey that's me is that we all have this little bit of built in protection inside of us its what we start off with what we begin with our own little bit of unexplained spirituality but as we grow and overtime we stat to lose it we ignore it when we hear it in fear of  being wrong or looking a fool so we switch it of ignore it then kick ourselves when we knew we were right the secret is to stop fearing it and to start learning to use it again so just in case you want to and as a little experiment say why don't we all start to try and listen to our little voice, the next time we are in a situation and we start to get the symptoms of our intuition(these can be many things i feeling in the pit of a stomach a voice telling us we are right an overwhelming feeling of it being wrong) sit down take a few deep breaths and listen to what we are being told and try and follow our gut feeling once we are in tune with what we are hearing we can save ourselves sometimes a lot of heartache a lot of pain and a lot of i wish i had listened to my first instinct our intuition is a gift a gift we can all learn to use   god bless

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