Monday, 1 October 2012

How do we know ?

  • Ok  so a subject came up today and entered my life on mediums who to trust and spiritual sites well i can only  talk from experience as far as mediums are concerned well i have always said as far as mediums are concerned always go with someone you feel happy with if for any reason when you first meet your medium or go and see them and straight away you feel you would not be comfortable don't be afraid i say anything if you don't your connection just wont work and if she or he are saying things that you just don't relate to don't be afraid  to say a good medium would prefer you to . As for the spiritual sites i myself do work for one and i know there are a lot of sites out there that don't veto there mediums that encourage anyone and everyone to have  ago and prey on the vulnerable but there are also a lot of good sites that veto there mediums and have only one wish to help people, they are also there to help anyone who is progressing or training and as long as they make this known  so what do you look for in a good site well this is only my op ion but i would say  1.go for a closed group   2.see if it has a waiting list this is usually a good sign 3.try and get a personal recommendation . When you have found your group look at the documents and see if the mediums have introduced there selves and said what they are about if not do not be afraid to ask and as with a group or a private one to one reading always get good validation  i hope this helps a little god bless                                              

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