Wednesday, 3 October 2012

And the debate goes on

Well the debate is continuing from yesterday let me fill you in a respected and semi well known medium from here in the uk decided to place a warning on there facebook page yesterday about spiritual groups on facebook that give free readings and which basically said in not some many words they are all fake i took offence to this comment as i do work privately i also do work on a spiritual site and give readings to which i dont charge for she made a comment that these sites encouraged just anyone to have  a go as she put it well i know just as there are good and bad mediums there will be good and bad sites but please do not tar all the sites with the same brush i myself ( and i must stress this is my own opinion i see working on m the spiritual site as a way of me being able to give something back and use my gift as it was meant to be a gift what harm is any medium doing by offering there services for free answer me this is paying for a reading the only way to get a genuine reading  it  on the other hand are all free readings  fake, as i have said before i have been able to communicate with spirit from a young child no i dont have a diploma in medium ship i have not been formally trained and i have not joined any organisation who grant me the title of medium i am who i am i communicate with spirit i pass messages from spirit world to our world nothing more nothing less i let all my clients know my background weather paying or if i am doing it for free am i exploiting anyone no  i am not and yes i do take offence just because i do not charge for every reading  does not mean i am fake this medium went on to describe in detail how this lady had put a certain photo up then described the photo and had people tried to read her and she said no to all then she went on about privacy and splashing it all over facebook yet she had just described the pic yes this poor lady had put up and guess what said it all over her facebook page to prove a point double standards there i think the way i see and feel it is spirit world and our world are big enough to carry a lot of gifted people how they choose to give there services is up to them weather they charge or do it free or  a bit of both like me there is no need to start slandering one site from another people who join these sites should be all adults let them make up there own minds . My own personal advice i would give if anyone is thinking of joining one of this spiritual sites is  1. try to go from a recommendation 2. try to go for a closed or secret group 3 see if there is a waiting list 4.once on there sit and watch before posting anything any concerns report to the group admin any documents they have available all the mediums on there should have posted a document telling you about there background 6;if a trainee does the reading and you are not happy for them to do this dont be afraid to say .  I hope this helps   god bless

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