Wednesday, 10 October 2012

my journey

Well not been here for a while and that's because i have had a strange couple of weeks sometimes you see things from all different ways and in all different lights you see people having bad times and then you wonder why i do believe that we are only sent what we can handle but sometimes people have an awful lot  to handle  , then you look at our world and see how many things happen in it and how cruel some people can be and you just don't understand it ,  so this week i have took some time out to do some meditations and talk to my guides and asked them to guide me in my journey once more . With the debate raging on about spiritual sites doing readings for free and if they are then they must be fake or at least Charlton's made me question my faith in the human race is it really so hard to believe that some people just like to help and comfort others if they can and are there really people out there who worry that by having these spiritual sites they will infringe on there business . I can only speak for myself as i always do yes i work private yes i work on a spiritual site for nothing no i have never trained do be a medium yes i have had my gift since i was a child and  no i don't doubt it i use it for only one reason that's to bring message from spirit to others here on earth i don't make a living from it nor do i ever want to i am who i am nothing more or nothing less its a shame that people cannot except things for what they are but i know in my heart that there is good people out there there are earth angels that work for the good all the time  and i also so know as my journey continues it will always be  ever changing forever interesting and sometimes a challenge   god bless

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