Wednesday, 17 October 2012

rest and reboot

Well i have really enjoyed the last few days and have really been blessed but i must admit that over the last few weeks i have not worked with spirit there have been many reasons for this one of them is that i have been busy helping my family and the other reason is that i needed to rest and reboot i do get upset by others op ions and when they attack things they don't know i find it hard when certain people do what i do and work with spirit yet think that they are above the rest of us and feel the need to critic others because they think it will be gainful for them the spirit world is big enough for us all and welcomes everyone ,well rant over and i am happy to say that i will be back communicating with spirit and passing there messages on next week . As a medium i do find as i have said before i get asked so funny things and i sometimes look around and ask for guidance to be patient and kind as some things i get asked can be beyond belief i am asked can i curse or throw curses well the answer is no i do not and would never as i believe in karma i always feel i never have to do anything but just get on with my own life as anybody who does anything to me or others will have to deal with there own karma and its not up to me to retaliate in any way another question is can i do magic spells again no i never trained as a magician and am never likely to its quite simple i am a medium i communicate with spirit and that's it  well i am going to have another few days of resting and rebooting and enjoying my family i hope anyone who pops in and reads this has a happy and restful few days and hopefully next week i will be able to share with you some more of my spiritual journeys     god bless .

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