Thursday, 25 October 2012

Take back control

Well had a busy couple of weeks with new baby and its been lovely but tomorrow i will be back working with spirit i have took most of October off knowing i would be busy with all the things that are happening in this month but i am looking forward to up coming events . while i have been resting and doing other things i have not shut down completely and have noticed unrest around me and have been warned from spirit world about negativity energy around me as i have said many times before if we believe in good we must also be open to believing in bad and i myself have had personal experience of this hence my beliefs i feel to be able to believe in things we have to be open to all elements and broaden our mind to the illogical , so for the last few nights i have been speaking to my guides and spirit and stenghthen my protection i myself pick up on neg energy straight away and can almost sense it around me so i become aware of what i need to do .Like i have said before neg energy can affect us in many different ways while we sense it and our mood changes with it we have to learn how to detect it and not to let it draw us into a vicious circle as soon as we let negativity into our lives it soon takes control and starts to effect our day to day living when one thing goes wrong before long everything goes wrong we become down and the world starts to look a darker place i know its very very hard when we all have times in our life when things seem to be on a downward spiral and we have to cope with all things that affect us be it grief loosing a job having no money getting into trouble with one thing or another our negative attitude starts to effect almost everything we do and at times it can be very hard to take back control and turn it around i know there have been times in my life where i have been in some very dark place and found it almost impossible to turn it around this is time we must ask for help be it from our angels our guides or our gods we must ask for help .I always find and the lowest points in our lives spirit will be there willing us on and trying to lift us back on our feet they will always be around us trying to help its just having faith in believing they are there so hopefully we can again get back on our feet fill our mind and thoughts with positive feelings and take back control i know this can be very hard to do so I'm asking anybody who may be reading this who might for one reason or another be feeling like things are just getting worse with no outlook on getting better just to take one moment of there time and place one thought in there mind of one thing that made them smile in there life one simple thought one positive thought no matter how small as long as its positive this is when we can start the process of taking back control where we can consciously be able to turn the negative into the positive where we can let light back into our minds and lives this is where we can change the path and take back control for as long as we are here we must always remember we can be in control of how we work it just takes practise and from one little thing big thing can grow ............ god bless

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