Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Is it right to tell ? ?

I have probably already spoken about this before but as this subject has come up twice in two days i feel i  its my cue to talk about it again and that is as a medium if i am told bad news do i tell the client well i can only talk about my experiences and what i do  those circumstances and what i feel is right ,when i pass messages on from the spirit world i always feel that i have to use my own code of ethics and when i first started i always said i would never pass on bad news now what i mean by that is that if i was told by spirit that something bad was going to happen to my client and nothing was going to stop it or nothing that i could do would prevent it happening then  i would say nothing, a question was put to me yesterday and that was if i was told by spirit that my client had a terminal illness would i tell them my answer yesterday was no i would not it is not my place as a medium or as a human being to tell somebody that information i just don't find that ethical , then today i was having a conversation with someone close to me who told me that a medium had seen someone very close to them 2 years ago and she told her that she would die before t Christmas that year  i could not believe what i was hearing how could someone in our profession be so cruel to tell someone that i have worked with spirit a long time and hand on heart i can say that they have never told me anything like that yes i have had warnings and i have known something not good was going to happen i have also known there was nothing in my power that i would have been able to do to stop the event and it was for me to know alone what that so called medium did to that person was scare her and leave her with negative thoughts is that being kind i think not . Like i have said many times i am not a fortune teller most spirits were not fortune tellers when they were on this earth and so therefore will not be fortune tellers in spirit i truly believe the future is not ours to know . i have been lucky that spirit have never gave me that sort of information i say lucky but what i believe is spirit would not give me that information . i always see message from spirit as a positive experience and not a negative they want to bring us good messages . as for the lady who may i add i was very close to as well no she never died before that Christmas she died the following October a week after being told she had terminal cancer i was only told about that visit from that medium today and it breaks my heart to think that she lived in that fear that she was going to die im sorry but i will say this its mediums like that that gives our profession a bad name and that saddens me    god bless

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