Saturday, 13 October 2012

walking among us

A lot of people think because i am a medium and i can communicate with the spirit world i automatically and  know instantly when spirit is among us well sorry to have to say this but I'm not always aware and i find that intriguing many a time i have been sitting on a bench or by a bus stop and not noticed straight away that i am in the company of spirit some people not everyone seem to have an idea or perception that spirit will come as a shimmery shape or float or see through or will be dressed from the 18th century and sometimes this is true but i also know that spirit can appear as alive as me or you . I remember a lady who  i respected as a medium told me of the saying walking among the dead she had a total different outlook on this saying and said to me do you know how often we all walk among the dead she said they say that whenever we are in a crowded place a shopping centre a theme park an event where there are hundreds of people that a percentage of those people will be spirit walking among us and we don't even know now without us touching each and every person we see in a big crowd how would we ever know i know that there have been times when i have been in the company of spirit and not known they were spirit times when i have been rushing or had my mind on other things i have been known to chat at a bus stop for 5 minutes to someone before realising they are spirit so the way i see it is its food for thought and i know every time i am in a crowd i always have a look round and wander and anyhow i hope her saying is true because i know one thing when i am gone i would love nothing more than coming back and walking among you and perhaps doing a little window shopping ...........  god bless

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Tina said...

Thank you for sharing this with us Jan hun , all of your posts are brilliant and are very much apreciated by all . love and light xx