Friday, 26 October 2012

Oh it's good to be back

Well today i have gone back to doing my readings after taking some time off and boy have i missed it ,when I'm not working my mood takes a different direction i become down and feel like something is missing its not till i return to doing my readings that i realise what that is i am just not at one with myself unless i am working with spirit and this afternoon/ evening has brought that home to me i have had some fab spirit with me who in turn has helped me do some fab readings they never stop surprising me how good they are with the validation they give i always as for there name and they always come through this lovely lady i had with me today gave me her name her age and how she died which was fab for me and her loved one i love to see the joy on loved ones faces when they know i am indeed talking to there loved ones yes there are tears but usually tears of joy that at last they have contact and know they are safe it brings me so much pleasure it truly is a joy yes its good to be back and feel as one again .........god bless

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