Friday, 26 July 2013


So here we are again and i will now go back to where i left off in my last post ,Christmas came and even though money was very tight my mom did her best to make it a special one now i look back we didn't have a lot but those Christmas were some of the happiest that i remember January started with a harsh snow and our house didn't have central heating and even if he did i doubt we could have afforded to put it on one night whilst i was sleeping in my moms bed i started to feel very unwell a high fever coughing and pain all down the left side of my chest even when my mom tried to hug me and comfort me the pain was to bad even for a cuddle the next morning me my mom and baby sister sat in the doctors surgery to see the doctor i liked DR farnon he made me laugh his was an Irish man really chubby with a big red face and laughing eyes a good soul , as soon as my mom took me in to see him he know i was ill very ill he did all the checks a Doctor does and at the end he told my mom i had pleurisy and pneumonia and i was very sick ,when i got older my mom shared with me what was said that day he said i needed to be in hospital but also he knew the situation my mom was in a single mother with a young baby and a son who was at school no money with me being in hospital my mom would not cope with two small children at home no one close to help even if she could come to the hospital to see me she would not have been able to afford the bus fares there ,and there i would be in hospital very ill alone scared and grieving for my family DR Farnon decided this would do no one any good and to be truthful he didn' know if i was going to even pull through so they decided i would stop at home and he would treat me .The next thing i remember was DR Farnon wrapping his big wool coat around me picking me up and striding out the door with my mom following he announced to a packed waiting room that he was very sorry but this was a emergency and he would be back when he could he then went through the door and bungled me into his car my mom sitting next to me i remember she was crying; he pulled up outside our house which was only about a five minute walk from his surgery he brought Me in the house and carried me upstairs and placed me in moms bed he said "now maureen keep her warm give her fluid if she will take it i will be back as soon as surgery is finished with her medication until she turn the corner i will come in first thing in the morning before surgery again at lunch time and again last thing at night" he looked at me and said"don't worry darling we will get you well .  He was true to his word he was back that lunch time with my medication ,two hot water bottles and an old electric fire . I spent a long time in my moms bedroom most of it sleeping waking to see the doctor at my bed and my mom looking pale and every now and then i would see a man in blue  robes stroking my head and telling me to rest close my eyes and he would lead to the most beautiful place where i could play and run and sit on the lovely old bench by the water  i knew this was one of my special friends (spirit) and in later years i realised this was the first time i was introduced to my special place . I was ill for sick months missed school (though there was the odd visit from a teacher with a book once i had progressed to lying on the settee with a blanket ) how my mother coped with a sick child and two small children and little money i will never know but she did god bless her and DR Farnon well he kept to his word three times a day until i was better he nursed me back to health and i am sure that if it had not been for that wonderful doctor and my blue robed visitor i would not be here now and in later years i realised that the wonderful doctor had been my first earth angel ..................godbless

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