Sunday, 21 July 2013


 Hello everyone hope all are well i have had a funny couple of weeks here now i don't know if its anything to do with the hot weather that we are having here at the moment but i have been feeling uneasy and very down this in turn affects my spiritual state of mind when i am feeling down it sometimes means that i have been surrounding myself with people who have negativity in there life or who just have negative vibes now that i am writing this down i can see why i have been down because i have been talking to a few people who have negativity in there lives and one person in particular who has a very negative attitude, Now how do we deal with this well the easy way is to cut these negative people out of your lives but as we all know we do not live in a prefect world and sometimes this is just not possible so how do we stop other peoples negativity affecting us again never easy but the first thing we need to do is to try and fill our lives with positivity and light try and stop that negativity impacting us what a lot of people don't realise is when negative energy gets into our thought its spirals into our lives and every corner of our world negative energy breeds with every negative thought we have so it goes something like this we listen to people and all there problems we listen to there negative thoughts and there negative attitudes so what happens all of a sudden we start to feel down we think about what has gone on what they have said we feel low and before you know it you are feeling down when we are down we only see the bad things of our selves we look in the mirror and don't like what we see we think we are to fat to thin to grey to ugly that dress/top jumper skirt looks horrible we become irritable then star snapping we take it out on our loved ones and in the end they snap back that makes us feel worse about us and our loved ones also start to feel down and it all starts again or another example we come across somebody who is angry they do something to offend us or upset us and we get angry and in turn we do something to upset or offend someone else and so on and so on see how negativity breeds and grows from one person  to another  so what do we do, do we stop listening to people who have problems do we avoid everyone with a negative attitude to we lock ourselves away and never venture into the world in fear that we might be affected by negativity no of course not because we would become scared of negativity never go out be sociable or helpful or caring so again negative wins so what do we do we have to learn to change our way of thinking and acting so when we do come face to face with negativity learn to recognise it when you have spent that time in someones company and they have a lot of negativity take time out afterwards sit and relax then look for anything positive think of all the positive things in your life no matter how small think of all the things we take for granted no matter how small it could be the food we have just eaten or the smile from a child or the laughter you here in the street or the sun that is shining or the grass that is so green the memories from your child hood that day you first met your child all happy positive thoughts no matter how small then if you can when you are with these negative people every time you look at them see them with a lovely bright light around them if you come across someone who is angry don't let them make you the same but hope that they can let go of there anger and become better for it this world is not a perfect world and never will be but if we can make positive moves in our own lives it will contribute to the bigger picture if we can try and stop negativity getting to us then it has less chance of breeding onto the next person its never easy to do and still catches me out at times but there is an old saying practise makes perfect .........godbless

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