Thursday, 25 July 2013


So carrying on from my last post the early years that was my first if unknown experience with spirit i was born into a normal family and for those days we were classed as the horrible term lower class we lived in a two up two down little terraced house with a back yard  and an entry at the end of the entry was the washroom where you did your washing complete with a mangle (for those who are not familiar with the term mangle it was a device that sort of roller ed your washing to get the water out )next to the washroom were the toilets two to be exact and these served about 10 terraced houses all with family's in.I lived in our little house with my mom ,dad and of course my elder brother and the odd mouse ,when i was three we moved to a bigger home with three bedrooms all mod cons and a garden on a brand new council estate my mom was over the moon Things had started to go wrong even then in my young life (somethings are best left unsaid but needless to say the things that happened were not nice) and this started to effect me but i was still seeing my spirit friends and found comfort in them but by the time i went to infant school i began even at that early age to realise not everyone could see and hear spirit so of course i was confused and in turn became scared  so in my little mind the best thing i could do was completely start to ignore them after a year at infant school my little life took another knock my parents separated being so young i didn't know why or understand a few months earlier i had had a new baby sister and things seemed good now my mom cried all the time my dad was not around and i felt so lonely/ i always knew  i was different from other children my age so this made me very shy and nervous of other children when my parents separated this made me become more withdrawn and i felt very isolated .After about twelve months of my dad leaving another blow came we lost our Nanny to bowel cancer something else that became a trauma in my life but i will save that for another day anyhow back to what i was saying so we lost nanny who was a lady who gave me good advice and little pearls of wisdom even at that early age like "you have the gift and never be afraid of what you see and hear" these things never meant anything to me at the time and only came to light many years later, a year later we lost our grandad to the same disease my mom was traumatised with so much sadness and with a young baby didn't really have much time or energy for me so i became more withdrawn, it was around this time i had my next encounter with the spirit world which became a trend in my life where they would save me look after me and protect me . I was about six or seven years old my mom told me the story she said she would put us all to bed tidy up then sit down to watch some telly she said she would be sitting in the lounge when she would hear a thud she would get up to see what it was open the door and there i would be standing fast asleep but sleep walking she would take me into the lounge and lay me down on the settee where i would wake up on my own then she would pop into bed she said this carried on for a few nights she would hear footsteps from my bedroom to the stairs and then a thud she would open the door and i would be standing there asleep and she could not understand how i got down the stairs so quick so after experiencing this for a few nights she decided she would sit at the bottom of the stairs and see what was happening sure enough about 9.30pm she heard my footsteps and me get out of bed she sat there watching she said i stood at the top of the stairs then she said within a split second i jumped and her heart she swears stopped she said there was no way a small child could clear all those stairs but she said it was almost like someone was there with me picked me up in there arms and carried me down the stairs and placed me upright in a perfect standing position at the bottom she said it was like i had floated down the stairs and she knew that as i jumped someone had been there with me caught me and placed me safely at the bottom after that my mom wouldn't put me to bed she would keep me up with her let me fall asleep on the sofa and carry me to her bed when she went then sleep with her arm around me so she would sense if i moved she was always scared that i might sleepwalk jump from the top of the stairs and one day my angel might not be there to catch me .................more to follow ....... godbless `

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