Saturday, 27 July 2013


Well i returned to school in the September of that year after missing  almost a year and things settled back down well that was until the November of that year when my elder brother caught whooping cough and yes i am sure my mom went into shock as well it spread through the house like wildfly and soon all three of us had  it my poor mom must have been at the end of her tether but again she got on with it and nursed us all how she coped i will never know it must have been so hard for her having no one to turn to no husband to tell her it would be alright to give her a cuddle or just to help out she was a strong lady she never thought she was she spent all her life thinking she was weak but she had a strength like no other i have probably only realised this as i have grown older and had children of my own if this had been me i am sure i would have cracked under the strain After three more months we were all fit and well again and life settled down i was still struggling at school partly because i had been away for so long that i found it hard to fit back in and partly because i still felt different to all the others i spent a lot of time alone and only found comfort in my spirit friends and every now and then my lovely grandad would pop in and say hello i told my mom once and she told me not to be silly it was just a dream so i decided there and then it was best to keep it to my self around this time my elder brother woke one night and come running out of his bedroom saying he had woke up and seen a young boy standing there it scared the life out of him i didn't quite understand this as i saw them all the time and to be truthful i quite liked them and never felt scared i presumed the young boy had wandered into my brothers room instead of mine.I think it was around this time my mom began to realise that i was a bit different to other children we had our own house phone fitted it was very exciting i would be sitting there with my mom and i would say mom phones going to ring the next second the phone would ring or i would say mom so and so is coming to visit us tonight my mom would say no they are Janice no ones coming tonight but sure enough that night the door would knock and the person i said was coming would be standing there one day my mom asked me how i knew all these things that were going to happen all i could say was that they would tell me my friends she never asked who my friends were but she did look at me funny from time to time .The end of my infant and junior school days were coming to an end and i was looking forward to starting a new school making new friends and perhaps being normal for once my mom god bless her wanted the best for me and decided to send me to the posh girls school next to the comp about 10 minutes walk away from where we lived  this was going to bring a whole new chapter of my life and a whole lot more problems ...........godbless .

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