Tuesday, 9 July 2013


 Hi everyone well i am feeling a bit low at the moment i don't think there is any reason in particular for it maybe i am feeling a little dismayed i do like to care my hubby says i am a carer of life and now i find that my brood have all grown up and are doing there own things and to be honest i am a bit lost even though i love to see my family all doing there own things its true when people say you end up feeling a bit unwanted but as always i am trying not to let these negative thoughts impair on my life and i am trying to keep things more positive but like all of us i do find this hard at time so i have been doing some meditations today also i have been grounding . Things that get me down are the way people act sometimes like today for example i had 3 readings booked not one texted me to say they wanted to cancel there is no excuse they had my number so a simple text would have done the trick i know we are having gorgeous weather but people really do not understand what goes into doing readings they think they just turn up and i just sit down and whoosh there i am talking to spirit  its just not that simple i have to prepare for readings first i like to ground and protect myself then i like to cleanse the area i am doing readings in then i like to meditate all this has to be done before hand so people not letting me know they are not coming to me is rude i do have a life and i can be getting on with other things but now i will stop moaning and on the positive side when i was supposed to be doing reading i was in fact sitting in the garden spending rare time with my son and soaking up the beautiful sunshine so all was not lost and like i always say what will be will be those three people were obviously not meant to have communication with spirit today ,,,,,,, godbless

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