Wednesday, 24 July 2013


hi everyone i am often asked the question when did i know i had the gift that always makes me chuckle because as much as it is a gift this is how it has been for me since i was a small child and i always thought i was strange and believe me back then did;t see it as a gift . My earliest memory of my strangeness as i used to call it is at around nine months yes you heard right nine months i have been blessed with a memory that i cant explain i remember most things from when i was a young baby which my parents have verified i digress sorry i was sitting in my pram the old fashioned type a blue silver cross pram with the big wheels my mom used to put it up against the living room wall and sit me there so she could carry on in the kitchen but could keep an eye on me (the layout of the house to long to go into) anyway my two year old brother was playing with his balloon a orange balloon i was sitting in my pram watching him when he got the balloon trapped between the wall and the wheel of the pram he then grabbed hold of the pram and tried to pull it away from the wall so he could get his balloon just a few seconds before it tipped up i felt someone grab me i watched as the pram tipped up my brother fell and landed on the rug whoever picked me sat me down next to him the the pram crashed to the ground my mom come running in and stood there stunned my brother was crying  and i was just say there years later i told my mom what i rememered and she stood there shocked i was nine months old it was a blue pram my brother did have an orange balloon but my mom had never know what had made the pram tip over and how i ended up sitting on the rug i happily filled her in on what my brother had done and how someone or something had picked me up and put me on the rug next to him she had never known what had happened and my brother was to young to tell her but she never sat me in the pram again and was pleased to know that it was my brother who had tipped it and my guardian had saved me from a nasty bang .As i grew  older i knew i was different if you like i seem to see people when other people didn't when i was a tot that was fine they were friends and i was happy to sit play and chat with them as i grew older i began to realise not everyone saw them so started to keep quite and many times would run and hide behind the settee as i didn't want to see them this was not the only thing different about me i also had what i call a sixth sense i knew when things was going to happen when the door would knock the phone would ring and when some event was going to happen i also learnt that my friends were there to look after advise me and protect me they would also let me know when someone was not genuine a lot of people have said to me that must have been wonderful but as a child i became isolated and lonely i became with drawn as i knew that not everyone appeared as they seemed . Just a little snippet of my early years more will follow ...........godbless

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Tina said...

fascinating story hun, will be looking forward to the next chapter! Love, light and blessings xxx