Wednesday, 3 July 2013


 Hello everyone i hope i find you all well i have not been here much i know but that does not mean my spiritual journey has not been carrying on i have been getting more and more busy with my private readings and last night i had what i call a heavy duty night of readings the night before i had had a terrible night i had a lot of pain and hardly any sleep so on getting up yesterday morning i was not feeling my usual chirpy self  all day i thought about cancelling my night of readings for two reasons the first being i was really tired and in pain the second was it was a distance away and i would have to travel but each time i thought about it i just couldn't cancel so in the end off i set when i got there i was greeted into the house to do five readings i knew it would be a long night and in truth i was not looking forward to it but the people could not be nicer and made me feel very welcome so i set up and was ready to start the first lady came in to the room where i had set up to work as soon as she sat down my heart sank i could feel she was very guarded and what i thought was hard shelled to be able to communicate with spirit not only to they build on my energy but also the person they wish to communicate with if they have shut off or have a shield around them it is hard for spirit to do this so i must admit i sat there with a bit of a heavy hard and thought to myself this is going to be a hard night but the one thing i did know was that as soon as the lady walked in so did a spirit gentleman and he told me not to be to down hearted she was not as hard as she looked she was suffering and she was a good soul  so i started the reading confident he was going to help me i started to talk and this man was giving me quite good validation but it was not enough for this lady i could tell she wasn't convinced i was talking to him so i was asking my spirit gentleman if he would please give me some validation that would convince her he was there and sure enough he came through and gave probably one of the most best validations i have ever had as soon as i said what he had told me i saw the lady crumble and her eyes soften she knew i was talking to her man and he was there to help her i continued with the reading after i finished she left the room a whole  lighter than when she entered i then carried on with the rest of my readings and ended up having a very good night at the end of the night i was talking with the first ladies son over a cup of tea in the kitchen while i was waiting for my lift back home he said he could not thank me enough for what i had done for his mom and then he told me the story the lady had lost her husband her life partner six months before they had a very good marriage and were really close after his passing the lady couldn't cope and had sunk into a bad depression even thinking suicide the family had tried everything to help her even grief counselling but nothing had helped so that's when they had decided to call me in they had heard about me through a friend the son said to me today i was going to call your number and speak to you he said please don't take offence to this but i was going to say to you i don't care if you are real or fake but i will give you some information and tonight will you tell it to the first lady you see she needs help and we are desperate but then he said but every time i went to pick up the phone i couldn't do it i said to him i am so glad you never because firstly if you had asked me to do that i know i would have never agreed to it and secondly it most probably would have stopped me coming here tonight as i was talking to them his phone rang and after the call his wife said that was our son her grandson he was talking her home he said to his mom mom its fantastic i have my nan back we will never be able to thank you enough to say i was touched was an understatement but i cant take all the credit spirit had been there with me helping me to help him talk to his wife i know she had found peace and that is leaves me with a feeling i will never be able to explain but i know with all the events of the day and previous night i was meant to be there that night i needed to see that lady and to help and my angels guides and spirits had led me there so again i thank them for working with me for giving me the opportunity to help someone and letting me have this wonderful gift ..............godbless


Tina said...

lovely Jan just lovely. A true earth Angel! love, light and blessings Tina xx

Angel-23 said...

So touching how you gave validation for a loved one, Spirit never let us down, being a spiritualist myself Im so glad came across your blog via Tina. Lovely reading your blog posts and spiritual insight I'm now following look forward to future posts.
Blessing Rachael xx