Monday, 8 July 2013


I  know i will be talking tonight to a lot of you that have felt this way at some point in our life what do we do when our earth plane life test us how do we cope? well i can only speak for myself and believe me i have bee tested many many times and how i handle it is now so different to how i used to now is that because i have grown older and wiser or is it because i now know there is a bigger picture to it all when i was younger i had a lot of personal conflict going on with myself as i have probably spoke about  before but as i come to terms with who i was i found that when the testing times came i could deal with them better how i hear you ask well first of all i look at the bigger picture i.e am i supposed to learn from this what am i supposed to be learning can i learn i believe we all have many many life lessons they will sometimes make us and sometimes they will break us for awhile  but what i do know is no matter what we are going through our spirits guides and higher beings will always try to help and protect us the secret is to tune into them and acknowledge they are there don't get me wrong our spiritual helpers are not there to solve every life problem we have because we are here to have these life lessons to learn from them and to grow but they will try to guide us and to comfort us when we need them, there has been many times when i have been pondering a problem worried confused and upset when we get like this trying to solve something can be hard our emotions can be all over the place so the first thing we need to do is to ground ourselves there are many ways of doing this but i find when we are all over the place doing something that takes a lot of effort just doesn't work for us  so here's a really simple way to calm and ground ourselves kick of your shoes and go for a walk on the ground outside walk found the garden just as simple as that you will be surprised how calming this can be just say please help to guide me onto the right path they will be there they will be listening and they will try to help ......godbless xx

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