Friday, 28 September 2012

Asking for help !

A question i get asked a lot can we ask for help from our loved ones our guides and our angels the answer i always say is well i do .I remember when i was a child i was bullied a lot at school the usual peer things i was from a one parent family following a divorce and money was tight so i never had the things the other children had add that to the fact that they did'nt quite understand my strange ways made me an easy target and at times i would feel very lonely and out of the loop and i remember spirit talking to me telling me to hold in there and that in time things would change i was very young but i knew that they were around and would help which every way they could and there have been times in my life when i have called upon them again for help sometimes they have helped me in ways that i have not always  expected but they have helped no matter what you believe in your gods your angels you spirits yourself we are never alone and when we need help we usually find ourselves asking for it believe me if our loved ones our angels or our guides can help and they will try as long as it doesn't interfere with our path of life . When in time of despair or times of feeling very low when things look like they can only go from bad to worse or you have lost all hope please take yourself somewhere quiet as your guides to help you to go to your special place and then ask all your loved ones your angels and you guides to help and guide you so yes i do believe its ok to ask   god bless

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