Monday, 27 August 2012

spirit messages what i am told

when i do readings i am sometimes surprised at what i am told by spirit sometimes they can be very open to what they say about other people, i am often asked if i had bad news would i pass that on the truth is it depends what i am told i myself feel that if i was told something i or the person i was reading for could do nothing about then no i wouldn't pass it on and by that i mean i wouldn't give unnecessary bad news im not here to upset or hurt anyone and like in life you cant always trust what you hear ,i must be truthful i have had very few times i have been told anything  bad and times i have i have used my discretion . i know that as i am the one passing the messages on a lot of trust has to be built between me and the person who has come for the reading i can be told all sort of personal things by spirit and i am sure sometimes the person who is receiving the message might not be to pleased to know they are telling me everything so of course i use discretion .Again the way spirit talk to me depends  on that spirit i am known for saying its not like me and you sitting having a cup of coffee and sometimes they give me the most weird things and i think 'i cant say that' but i do and it makes perfect sense to the person i am reading for ,another thing i have noticed and learnt is that i never remember what i say in readings once i have said it its gone that's because i am a vessel to carry the message and because its not for me it does not stay in my head . love and light xx

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