Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ifs there is good there is bad

If you believe in good then you must believe in evil there is always a ying and a yang .while i work with spirit i always protect myself there are certain things i would never do as a medium these are my choices and only what i believe i myself would never call upon the dead what i mean by that is if i have someone who comes to see me and spirit does not enter with them or after talking to them does not appear or let me know they are there i wouldn't call them to me i believe spirit will come to us when they want to and not when we want them to .Evil can be a good mimic and if we call spirit then we really do not know who we might get  for the same reason i would never use a ouigi board , good spirit will never harm you our angels and our guides would never harm you but bad would and if we believe in the good then of course there has to be a bad . so i always make sure i do my protection i make sure i ask my guides to protect me and also my angels  love and light xxxxx

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Tina said...

brilliant as always hun . love, light and blessings xxx