Friday, 31 August 2012

positivity negativity whats the effect?

How does positivity and negativity affect us in our day to day life,does negative energy really exist to affect us in what we do and think i have been asking myself these questions most of my life and for me the answer is yes .I  believe and i stress its what i believe negativity energy will always be around to pull us down at every opportunity so what can we do?. I  have tried to learn to look for a positive in every negative situation not easy sometimes i grant you but if you cant see the positive straight away i promise in time and if you look hard enough you will see one ,when my lovely mother passed away from bowel cancer at an early age i struggled for a long time to see a positive in that it took my strength and my faith for a bit and left me in a dark place but i had to find something positive to build on after grieving for some while i wanted not only for me( but for her and what she went through ) to find a positive and not let all the negative thoughts that her passing brought affect me as i knew she was now happy and with our loved ones then it came to me my moms cancer was a hereditary cancer up to now i have lost 5 people to the same cancer all my moms siblings but when my mom was diagnosed we as a family all had to be screened for the gene and was also offered a screening test to detect the same cancer now i have the screening every 3 years and hopefully if i do go on to develop that type of cancer it will picked up early and have a better chance of fighting it (bowel cancer is often known as the silent killer as symptoms don't show until it is advanced )but not only that my children will be offered the screening and the chance to detect it early sadly  my mom never had this chance but has left her legacy fro me and her grandchildren and great grandchildren this was the positive i held onto to get me through .I know in life sometimes looking for that positive can be hard and sometimes as i watch the t.v and see all the awful things going on in this world of ours i admit its hard to see any positive in what i see and of course i want it to change but i know i will not be able to change the world but maybe i can make my world easier for those who are in it and around me and if i can try and keep negative energy out of my life and try and help those i love do the same then hopefully in time it will pass to others and then negativity will get weaker and weaker so as i go about my everyday life and i come across negativity and someone will say something nasty or do something nasty i try not to act the same as them  but to say something positive in response and not let there negative attitude in fringe on me    love and light

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